Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

With so many good books being published every month, some literary titles worth exploring can get lost in the stacks. Page One offers the first lines of a dozen recently released books, including The Crane Wife: A Memoir of Essays by CJ Hauser and Gods of Want by K-Ming Chang.

“days left: 10…money you got: $0…money you need: $350” Stories From the Tenants Downstairs (Scribner, August 2022) by Sidik Fofana. First book, story collection. Agent: Ethan Bassoff. Editor: Kathryn Belden. Publicist: Clare Maurer.  

“You cannot cut an apple with an apple.” The Book of Goose (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 2022) by Yiyun Li. Tenth book, fifth novel. Agent: Sarah Chalfant. Editor: Mitzi Angel. Publicist: Lauren Roberts.  

“By negative space, by forgetting’s lining.” The Rupture Tense (Graywolf Press, September 2022) by Jenny Xie. Second book, poetry collection. Agent: Sarah Bowlin. Editor: Jeff Shotts. Publicist: Claudia Acevedo-Quiñones.  

“heaped therefore residually heaped / beside myself on the bed next / i fetch my son’s pretzels, but prerogative / lingers upended could poweR’s lengths / also belittle me between your visits am i / belittled am i less    pure” or, on being the other woman (Duke University Press, August 2022) by Simone White. Fourth book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Ken Wissoker. Publicist: Laura Sell.  

“I’ve never needed to be reminded to play nice.” She’s Nice Though: Essays on Being Bad at Being Good (HarperOne, August 2022) by Mia Mercado. Second book, essay collection. Agent: Monica Odom. Editor: Sydney Rogers. Publicist: Ashley Yepsen.  

“One morning Anders, a white man, woke up to find he had turned a deep and undeniable brown.” The Last White Man (Riverhead Books, August 2022) by Mohsin Hamid. Sixth book, fifth novel. Agent: Jay Mandel. Editor: Rebecca Saletan. Publicist: Glory Anne Plata.  

“breathe…some reddish dolphins (these bare feet busted), / tore through my capezios, unmoisturized, they join / your pilgrim black boot—oh my mammal…” Togetherness (Nightboat Books, September 2022) by Wo Chan. First book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Kazim Ali. Publicist: Caelan Nardone.  

“I have tried and tried to add Jean to the story here, but every time I try to write her, I write her all wrong.” Enjoy Me Among My Ruins (Feminist Press, August 2022) by Juniper Fitzgerald. Second book, first memoir. Agent: None. Editor: Nick Whitney. Publicist: Jisu Kim.  

“Even before speech / Revealed your secret, / There was looking.” Selected Books of the Beloved (Copper Canyon Press, August 2022) by Gregory Orr. Eighteenth book, thirteenth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Michael Wiegers. Publicist: Ryo Yamaguchi.  

“Juan pulling out his penis is the first time I ever see one.” Fruit Punch (Ecco, August 2022) by Kendra Allen. Third book, first memoir. Agent: Marya Spence. Editor: Gabriella Doob. Publicist: Sonya Cheuse.  

You don’t need white people’s approval to be happy, the Mirror said.” Bright (Sarabande Books, August 2022) by Kiki Petrosino. Sixth book, first memoir in essays. Agent: None. Editor: Sarah Gorham. Publicist: Joanna Englert.  

“They say the Freeway is going to cut through the city, from top to bottom.” Freeway: La Movie (Deep Vellum, October 2022) by Jorge Enrique Lage, translated from the Spanish by Lourdes Molina. Seventh of seven books, second of two novels. Agent: Andrea Montejo. Editor: Will Evans. Publicist: Walker Rutter-Bowman.