Ninety Days by Bill Clegg

Literary agent and author Bill Clegg reads from his second book, Ninety Days: A Memoir of Recovery, published by Little, Brown, in April, a follow-up to his debut, Portrait of the Addict as a Young Man (Little, Brown, 2010).

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Once upon a time there was a leper colony in Jamaica.” The Last Warner Woman (Coffee House Press, April 2012) by Kei Miller. Sixth book, second novel. Agent: Alice Williams. Editor: Anitra Budd. Publicist: Tricia O’Reilly.

“The whole country is in a duel and we want no part of it.” Engine Empire (Norton, May 2012) by Cathy Park Hong. Third book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jill Bialosky. Publicist: Allie Bodack.

“All that I have I carry on me.” The Hunger Angel (Metropolitan Books, April 2012) by Herta Müller. Nineteenth book, seventh novel. Translator: Philip Boehm. Agent: Frederike Barakat. Editor: Sara Bershtel. Publicist: Alexandra Woodworth.

“I was not allowed to have a gun.” Dust to Dust (Ecco, April 2012) by Benjamin Busch. First book, memoir. Agent: Elaine Markson. Editor: Matt Weiland. Publicist: Michael McKenzie.

“Praise this world, Rilke says, the jerk.” Alien vs. Predator (Penguin Books, April 2012) by Michael Robbins. First book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Paul Slovak. Publicist: Meghan Fallon.

“The one clear thing I can say about Wednesday, the worst and most amazing day of my life, is this: it started out beautifully.” I Am an Executioner: Love Stories (Knopf, April 2012) by Rajesh Parameswaran. First book, story collection. Agent: Nicole Aragi. Editor: Robin Desser. Publicist: Gabrielle Brooks.

“—noise background, My getting out or what?!” A Naked Singularity (University of Chicago Press, May 2012) by Sergio De La Pava. First book, novel. Agent: Susanna De La Pava. Editor: Maggie Hivnor. Publicist: Levi Stahl.

“For besides beaver teeth, my / love had more pocks on / his face than a watermelon // has seeds.” Murder Ballad (Alice James Books, May 2012) by Jane Springer. Second book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: None. Publicist: None.

“Today, we did inventory, my son Domenic and I: ten shinbones belonging to St. Timothy.” Reply All (Indiana University Press, April 2012) by Robin Hemley. Seventh book, fourth story collection. Agent: None. Editor: Linda Oblack. Publicist: Mandy Clarke.

“‘Loving repeating is one way of being; / this is now a description of such feeling.’” Enigma and Light (Ahsahta Press, May 2012) by David Mutschlecner. Fourth book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Janet Holmes. Publicist: Janet Holmes.

“Glengrove Place.” No Time Like the Present (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, April 2012) by Nadine Gordimer. Thirty-third book, fifteenth novel. Agent: Timothy Seldes. Editor: Jonathan Galassi. Publicist: Stephen Weil.

“It looks like Oz.” Ninety Days: A Memoir of Recovery (Little, Brown, April 2012) by Bill Clegg. Second book, memoir. Agent: Jennfer Rudolph Walsh. Editor: Pat Strachan. Publicist: Michelle Aielli.

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Henry's second novel, written, like his first, under a pen name, had done well." Beatrice and Virgil (Spiegel & Grau, April 2010) by Yann Martel. Fourth book, third novel. Agent: Jackie Kaiser. Editor: Cindy Spiegel. Publicists: Maria Braeckel and London King.

"To put it as simply as possible: This is the story of a polygamist who has an affair." The Lonely Polygamist (Norton, May 2010) by Brady Udall. Third book, second novel. Agent: Nicole Aragi. Editor: Jill Bialosky. Publicist: Erin Lovett.

"The suitcase open on the bed." Juvenilia (Yale University Press, April 2010) by Ken Chen. First book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jennifer Banks. Publicist: Jessica Holahan.

"It was all over gravel, but better than the last place." Orion You Came and You Took All My Marbles (Milkweed Editions, May 2010) by Kira Henehan. First book, novel. Agent: None. Editor: Ben Barnhart. Publicist: Jessica Deutsch.

"The hills of my childhood are purple with dusk and wings— / guinea fowl launched like a prayer to the still forming moon." Sanctificum (Copper Canyon Press, April 2010) by Chris Abani. Tenth book, fifth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Michael Wiegers. Publicist: Janna Rademacher.

"The ground was the color of rust." The Marrowbone Marble Company (Ecco, May 2010) by M. Glenn Taylor. Second book, novel. Agent: Terra Chalberg. Editor: Daniel Halpern. Publicist: Michael McKenzie.

"A battered wooden chest in the bedroom, its inlay shedding, its key finally found in a locked bottom desk drawer." Ilustrado (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, May 2010) by Miguel Syjuco. First book, novel. Agent: Melanie Jackson. Editor: Eric Chinski. Publicist: Kathy Daneman.

"When my dad got Alzheimer's all the plants died." Black Life (Wave Books, April 2010) by Dorothea Lasky. Second book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Joshua Beckman. Publicist: Brandon Shimoda.

"Dear Luddie, I don't remember much about the first thing I killed, but I remember I killed it with a knife." Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder (Coffee House Press, May 2010) by Travis Nichols. Second book, first novel. Agent: None. Editor: Chris Fischbach. Publicist: Esther Porter.

"I leaned in over it, my face low to the ground, to the thing I'd broken, the cheap firecracker I'd unraveled from its dry, crumbling mates, its fuse gray, unassuming." One More Theory About Happiness (Ecco, May 2010) by Paul Guest. Fourth book, first memoir. Agent: Betsy Lerner. Editor: Lee Boudreaux. Publicist: Michael McKenzie.

"About the star-cold abundance of August sand— / this spell of my two hands working in the dark." Green is the Orator (University of California Press, April 2010) by Sarah Gridley. Second book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Rachel Berchten. Publicist: Heather Vaughan.

"North, east, south, west." Memory of Trees (University of Minnesota Press, April 2010) by Gayla Marty. First book, memoir. Agent: None. Editor: Todd Orjala. Publicist: Heather Skinner.

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I. Start with the Roman numeral I with an authoritative period trailing just after it." Neck Deep and Other Predicaments (Graywolf Press, February 2007) by Ander Monson. Third book, first essay collection. Agent: Matt McGowan. Editor: Fiona McCrae. Publicist: Mary Matze.

"Under a low sun, pursued by fish and mounted by crows and veiled in a loud languid swarm of bluebottle flies, the body comes down the river like a deadfall stripped clean." Finn (Random House, February 2007) by Jon Clinch. First book, novel. Agent: Jeff Kleinman. Editor: Will Murphy. Publicist: Jynne Martin.

"They call at all hours with a thousand problems, and our satellites fix their locations to the square foot while our operators try to help them or put them in touch with specialists who can." The Unbinding (Anchor Books, February 2007) by Walter Kirn. Sixth book, fifth novel. Agent: Cynthia Connell. Editor: Jennifer Jackson. Publicist: Sloane Crosley.

"They spent their lives in search of sweetness, these bees: blue morning glories climbing the trellis outside the bakery window, a half-empty packet of sugar, the shallow bowls of lemonade that Joseph set on each table." Falling Boy (Picador, March 2007) by Alison McGhee. Fourth book, novel. Agent: Doug Stewart. Editor: Frances Coady. Publicist: James Meader.

"Not the smoothness, not the insane clocks on the square, / the scent of manure in the municipal parterre, / not the fabrics, the sullen mockery of Tweety Bird, / not the fresh troops that needed freshening up." A Worldly Country (Ecco, February 2007) by John Ashbery. Thirtieth book, twenty-sixth poetry collection. Agent: Georges Borchardt. Editor: Dan Halpern. Publicist: Michael McKenzie.

"It is one of my father's most firmly held beliefs that American interest in spaceflight ended all at once and for no good reason in 1972." The Time it Takes to Fall (Simon & Schuster, February 2007) by Margaret Lazarus Dean. First book, novel. Agent: Julie Barer. Editor: MarySue Rucci. Publicist: Rebecca Davis.

"About the accident itself I can say very little." Remainder (Vintage Books, February 2007) by Tom McCarthy. Second book, first novel. Agent: Jonny Pegg. Editor: Marty Asher. Publicist: Sloane Crosley.

"I had a blueprint / of history / in my head—" Space Walk (Houghton Mifflin, March 2007) by Tom Sleigh. Eighth book, seventh poetry collection. Agent: Lane Zachary. Editor: Janet Silver. Publicist: Michael Webb.

"June 2000: I step outside the Detroit airport terminal and see it, a small cardboard sign in a shuttle bus window: Cave Canem." The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South (University of Georgia Press, March 2007) by Nikky Finney, editor. Fifth book, first edited collection. Agent: None. Editor: Andrew Berzanskis. Publicist: Stacey Sharer.

"Driving through this part of Louisiana you can pass four prisons in less than an hour." One Big Self (Copper Canyon Press, March 2007) by C. D. Wright. Fourteenth book, thirteenth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Michael Wiegers. Publicist: Angela Garbes.

"It was well into the morning when the darkness began to fade." The Gentle Axe (Penguin Press, March 2007) by R. N. Morris. First book, novel. Agent: Camilla Smallwood. Editor: Scott Moyers. Publicist: Maggie Sivon.

"Who will return lamps to the smelted sky?" Raven Eye (University of Arizona Press, March 2007) by Margo Tamez. Third book, second poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Patti Hartmann. Publicist: Holly Dolan.

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Dear Editor: / Please consider the enclosed poems for publication.” Dear Editor (Persea Books, January 2012) by Amy Newman. Fourth book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Gabriel Fried. Publicist: Amanda Calderon.             

“We left on a school day, so Esther wouldn’t see us.” The Flame Alphabet (Knopf, January 2012) by Ben Marcus. Third book, novel. Agent: Denise Shannon. Editor: Martin Asher. Publicist: Lena Khidritskaya.

“There’s this filthy, evil June light coming through the window.” Scars (Open Letter, December 2011) by the late Juan José Saer. Sixth book, third novel. Translator: Steve Dolph. Agent: Guillermo Schavelzon. Editor: E. J. Van Lanen. Publicist: Chad Post.

“It is Wednesday” Mercury (Fence Books, December 2011) by Ariana Reines. Third book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Rebecca Wolff. Publicist: Justin Cavin.

“Ren stood perfectly still in the dark, listening.” Come In and Cover Me (Riverhead Books, January 2012) by Gin Phillips. Second book, novel. Agent: Kim Witherspoon. Editors: Sarah McGrath and Sarah Stein. Publicist: Elizabeth Hohenadel.

“Iggy’s thirty-fifth year had been all about Being Here Now, thanks to the book he’d read profiling the counterculture man who turned from acidhead to yogi in a blink.” Baby Geisha (Two Dollar Radio, January 2012) by Trinie Dalton. Fourth book, second story collection. Agent: None. Editor: Emily Pullen. Publicist: Eric Obenauf.

“I would not, could not, nor did I ever raise a hand in anger against America.” From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant (Viking, January 2012) by Alex Gilvarry. First book, novel. Agent: Seth Fishman. Editor: Liz Van Hoose. Publicist: Lindsay Prevette.

“The starlet and her ‘intimate device.’” Everyday People (Graywolf Press, January 2012) by Albert Goldbarth. Thirty-first book, twenty-sixth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jeffrey Shotts. Publicist: Marisa Atkinson.

“‘I gather you’re my wife,’ said the man in the waiting room.” Smut (Picador, January 2012) by Alan Bennett. Seventh book, second story collection. Agent: Zoe Pagnamenta. Editor: Frances Coady. Publicist: James Meader.

“Isabel often thinks of Amsterdam, though she has never been there, and probably will never go.” Glaciers (Tin House Books, January 2012) by Alexis M. Smith. First book, novel. Agent: None. Editor: Lee Montgomery. Publicist: Nanci McCloskey.

“A heave of afternoon light pulls a tulip from the turf, a bower for locusts, a cup of shells.” Citizen (City Lights Publishers, January 2012) by Aaron Shurin. Eleventh book, ninth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Robert Sharrard. Publicist: Stacey Lewis.

“The smell of life is back on the pink mountain.” Sometimes There Is a Void: Memoirs of an Outsider (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, January 2012) by Zakes Mda. Seventh book, first memoir. Agent: Isobel Dixon. Editor: Paul Elie. Publicist: Katie Freeman.