John Vieira

Potomac, MD 20859

Publications and Prizes

60 Tomatoes
(Bookgirl Press, 2011)
, A Songbird in Igor's Yard
(Tel-Let, 1995)
, For [Da]
(Tel-Let, 1996)
, Grave Dalliances
(Bookgirl Press, 2008)
, Half-Life
(Score Press, 1999)
, If the Garden Does Not Rain
(Runaway Spoon Press, 2009)
, Long Shot: An Autobiography of a Distant Friend
(Score Press, 2005)
, Points on a Hazard Map
(Runaway Spoon Press, 1999)
, Raps & Cracks (Written in Imitation of Rhapsodies & Rounds)
(Bookgirl Press, 2013)
, Reality Slices
(Runaway Spoon Press, 1996)
, Self-Portrait with Demons
(Runaway Spoon Press, 1997)
, Slow Moving Pictures
(Score Press, 1993)
, Tap Routines Done Barefoot
(Runaway Spoon Press, 2012)
, Threading the Needle With Red
(Tel-Let, 1994)
, To Listen and to Look: Previously Uncollected and New Work
(Horizon Press, 2016)
Dwarf Stars: 30 Stellar Short-Short Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poems from 2004
(Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2005)
, Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics
(A K Peters, Ltd, 2008)
, The Art of Typewriting
(Thames & Hudson, 2015)
, The largeness the small is capable of
(Score Press, 2001)
, The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008
(Fantagraphics, 2012)
, Visio-Textual Selectricity, the Anthology of Favorites of Their Own Work Chosen by 21 Visio-Textual Artists
(Runaway Spoon Press, 2008)
Agni, Assembling, Bitter Oleander, Bongos of the Lord, Hummingbird, Kaldron, Many Mountains Moving, O.ars, Rolling Stone, Typewriter, Vallum

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