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Building a Community of Writers

Year after year, Poets & Writers works to support and uplift creative writers in countless ways. We democratize access to information about how to get published, distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to writers to give readings and lead writing workshops in community-based settings, and connect writers to professional opportunities and one another. We value the work that writers do and want to be your go-to resource for trustworthy information and guidance. The numbers below summarize our work over the past year to fortify the community of writers: article by article, resource by resource, dollar by dollar, day by day.

Readers of each issue of Poets & Writers Magazine125,000
Unique visitors to each month:  145,000
Authors profiled in the Poets & Writers Directory12,000
Writing contests carefully vetted for our Grants & Awards database:  440
Journals listed in our Literary Magazines database:  970
Independent presses listed in our Small Presses database:  390
Writers who attended Mapping the Maze workshops to chart a path to publication:  250
Writers who received Readings & Workshops mini-grants last year:  760
Dollars distributed as mini-grants to these writers:  228,000
Percentage of these writers who identify as BIPOC:  50
Literary events these writers presented with our support:  1,590
Audience members who attended these events:  96,000
Writers active in Poets & Writers Groups,
a peer-to-peer networking platform on  1,600
Writers groups formed in Poets & Writers Groups:  130
Writers who have received the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award,
including 2022 recipients Kate Gaskin and Gene Kwak of Nebraska:  110
Poets who have won the Jackson Poetry Prize,
including 2022 recipient Sonia Sanchez:  16
Staff members who make all of this happen:  22
Dollars contributed by the Friends of Poets & Writers this year:  175,313

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