Masters Review

Novel Excerpt Contest

December 1, 2022 - Check back on October 15th for Upcoming Deadline
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A prize of $3,000, publication in Masters Review, and an agent consultation will be given annually for an excerpt of an unpublished novel or novel-in-progress showing “a sense of style, with a clear grasp on craft” by an emerging writer. Halley Dunne Parry of the Hamilburg Agency will offer the consultation for this contest cycle. Charmaine Craig will judge. Writers who have not published a book or who have published a book with a circulation of less than 5,000 are eligible. Using only the online submission system, submit an excerpt of up to 6,000 words with a $20 entry fee by December 1. All entries will be considered for publication. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

Masters Review, Novel Excerpt Contest, 70 SW Century Drive, Suite 100442, Bend, OR 97702. Chelsea D’Errico, Marketing Director.