American Literary Translators Association

National Translation Awards

April 19, 2021
Entry Fee: 
Cash Prize: 

Two prizes of $2,500 each are given annually for a book of poetry and a book of prose translated from any language into English and published in the previous year. For the poetry prize, poetry collections and verse dramas in translation are eligible; for the prose prize, short story and essay collections, novels, memoirs, prose drama, and hybrid prose works in translation are eligible. Publishers may submit a book published in 2020 by April 19. The entry fee is $50 for presses that publish more than 10 titles each year, and $30 for presses that publish 10 or fewer titles each year. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

American Literary Translators Association, National Translation Awards, University of Arizona, Esquire Building #205, 1230 North Park Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85721. Rachael Daum, Communications and Awards Manager.