Saturnalia Books

Malinda A. Markham Translation Prize

October 31, 2021 - Check back on August 15th for Upcoming Deadline
Cash Prize: 

A prize of $2,000 and publication by Saturnalia Books will be given annually for a translation of a poetry collection. Translators who identify as female (including those who are assigned-female-at-birth [AFAB] nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, and intersex) and who are translating the work of a woman poet (including those who are AFAB nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, and intersex) are eligible. Using only the online submission system, submit a manuscript of at least 48 pages with an entry fee of $25 by October 31. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

Saturnalia Books, Malinda A. Markham Translation Prize, 105 Woodside Road, Ardmore, PA 19003.