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Tribute to Terry Pratchett

"I never set out to write literature... but certainly I've had a lot of fun over the past twenty-five years." Sir Terry Pratchett, who passed away yesterday at the age of sixty-six, is honored in this video montage compiled by the Telegraph. Best known for his Discworld series of novels, Pratchett was knighted for his services to literature in 2009, and received the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2010.

Chris Abani

Nigerian author Chris Abani gives a TED Talk on the concept of ubuntu, sharing stories of remarkable people, and concludes with Lucille Clifton's poem "Libation." Abani has taught at the VONA/Voices workshop, which was featured in "The Moment of Truth: Eleven Authors Share Stories of Life-Changing Retreats" in the March/April issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.


"If you're a storyteller and you tell the story as honestly as you can, and then if it's funny along the way or moving along the way, great." Author Debra Oswald introduces her debut novel, Useful, published by Penguin Books Australia last January.

Good Morning

"Your neck is a whistling firework singing to the light of me. I am only amplifying sound." Spoken word poet Edwin Bodney reads his poem "Good Morning" in this video performance from Button Poetry.

Ben Lerner

"Modernism displaces its readers into the future.... I wanted to kind of purge myself of those tendencies." The award-winning poet and author, whose latest novel, 10:04, was published by Faber & Faber last September, speaks with Paul Holdengräber about modernist literature and what sincerity means.

Get in Trouble

Kelly Link discusses the reasons and options for the title of her new story collection, published by Random House last month, with author and book critic Lev Grossman. Get in Trouble is featured in Page One in the March/April issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

The Lambda Literary Foundation

"Where I grew up, I never met a writer." Justin Torres, author of We the Animals (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011), speaks about his experience as a Lambda Literary fellow in 2007, and how that community solidified his commitment to become a writer.


"The one thing we know about Felix, for all his good heart and his good feelings, it isn't always necessary for him to be there to report something." Booker Prize winner Peter Carey talks about Felix Moore, the "last socialist journalist in Australia," who is the unreliable narrator of his new novel, Amnesia (Knopf, 2015).

Tim Seibles

"In this country, poetry is largely ignored." Tim Seibles speaks with City of Asylum Pittsburgh about poetry in the United States, his fascination with how sexuality is expressed, and how he gets into the minds of characters. Seibles's latest collection, Fast Animal (Etruscan Press, 2012), was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award in poetry.

Wolf Dust

“What light comes / between / your nightgown and you?” Joshua Marie Wilkinson reads a poem from his collection Selenography (Sidebrow Books, 2010). Wilkinson is featured in "Writing the Road: Advice for Touring Poets" by Travis Mossotti in the current issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.