2013 MFA Index: Student-Faculty-Ratio Placement

Due to a production error, some of the student-faculty-ratio placement figures published in the “2013 MFA Index: 85 Full-Residency Programs” (September/October 2012) were incorrect. Corrected placement figures are as follows:

1         Cornell University                 

2         University of Wisconsin at Madison      

3         Brown University                        

4         University of Wyoming                        

5t        University of Miami      

5t        Vanderbilt University                   

7         University of Illinois                       

8         University of Texas at Austin                

9         Louisiana State University                   

10        Washington University at Saint Louis              

11        University of California at San Diego             

12        Otis College of Art & Design                 

13        University of North Carolina at Greensboro        

14        Arizona State University                

15        Northern Michigan University                 

16        Johns Hopkins University                

17        School of the Art Institute of Chicago            

18        Boston University                       

19        University of California at Riverside             

20        University of South Carolina                 

21        University of Washington                

22        University of Notre Dame                

23t       California State at Long Beach               

23t       Hollins University                      

23t       Purdue University                       

23t       Virginia Polytechnic Institute [Virginia Tech]    

27        University of Virginia                       

28        University of Minnesota                 

29        Oregon State University                 

30        University of New Mexico                

31        University of Central Florida                

32        Savannah College of Art & Design             

33        University of Texas at El Paso               

34t       CalArts                                                 

34t       Hunter College [CUNY]                                   

34t       Indiana University                                      

37t       University of Kansas                                    

37t       University of Mississippi                               

39t       Bowling Green State University                               

39t       Chicago State University                                

41        Rosemont College                                        

42t       Georgia College & State University                      

42t       Iowa State University                                       

42t       Old Dominion University                                 

42t       University of Idaho                                     

42t       West Virginia University                                

47        University of Michigan                                       

48        Colorado State University                               

49        Syracuse University                                     

50        University of Oregon                                    

51        Boise State University                                       

52        Oklahoma State University                               

53t       California State at San Bernardino                           

53t       North Carolina State University                              

55        University of Pittsburgh                                

56        The New School                                    

57        Florida State University                                

58t       University of Arizona                                        

58t       University of Montana                                        

60        University of New Hampshire                                  

61        Rutgers University at Newark                            

62        Rutgers University at Camden                                 

63t       New Mexico State University                                  

63t       Southern Illinois University                                 

63t       Virginia Commonwealth University                             

66        Queens College [CUNY]                                   

67        University of Florida                                        

68        University of South Florida                                  

69        University of California at Irvine                           

70t       Saint Mary’s College of California                           

70t       University of Maryland                                       

72        University of Arkansas at Fayetteville                            

73        University of Houston                                        

74t       Adelphi University                                      

74t       Georgia State University                                

74t       University of Colorado at Boulder                            

77        Southern Connecticut State University                             

78        Ohio State University                                        

79        Florida Atlantic University                                  

80        Columbia College Chicago                                

81        Texas State University at San Marcos                              

82        Portland State University                               

83        Sarah Lawrence College                                  

84        University of Memphis                                        

85        University of North Carolina at Wilmington                        

86        School of the Art Institute of Chicago                            

87        University of Missouri at Saint Louis                             

88        University of British Columbia [CAN]                              

89        University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa                          

90        Eastern Washington University                                

91        George Mason University                           

92        University of New Orleans                               

93        Florida International University                             

94        Emerson College                              

95        Western Michigan University                             

96        University of Nevada at Las Vegas                            

97t       American University                                     

97t       Brooklyn College [CUNY]                                 

97t       San Diego State University                                   

97t       University of Massachusetts at Amherst                       

101       University of Iowa                                      

102       Northwestern University                                 

103       Chapman University                                      

104t      University of Baltimore                                      

104t      University of Texas Pan American                             

106       California College of the Arts                               

107       NEOMFA                                            

108       California State University at Fresno                             

109       Minnesota State University at Mankato                        

110t      Lindenwood University                                        

110t      University of Massachusetts at Boston                             

112       McNeese State University                                

113       San Francisco State University                               

114       University of Guelph-Humber [CAN]                            

115t      New York University                                    

115t      San Jose State University                         

117       City College of New York [CCNY]                              

118       University of San Francisco                                  

119       Mills College                                           

120       Columbia University