Thea Press

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M. Kate Allen, Jason Bruner, Keeley Bruner, Rebecca Freeman
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
Temporarily closed to submissions
Response Time: 
Less than 3 months
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Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
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Titles per Year: 
1 to 5

Editorial Focus

Founded in 2015, Thea Press is an independent book publisher committed to helping nurture hidden stories and narratives to birth. It serves authors who are skilled observers and subverters of the status quo.

Tips From the Editor

What we look for are the stories that capture the arcing collision of expectation and sudden challenge. ​Thea Press authors cut through what one expects to see in order to give a taste, sound, touch, and smell of the unexpected. We are midwives of the stories birthed not by the God of the mainstream whom we've been taught and sometimes forced to know, but by the Goddess who reveals herself to those whose senses are keen and hearts are open.

Thea Press is currently accepting novels/works of fiction for consideration. Manuscripts should be at least 50,000 and no more than 100,000 words in length. Exceptions may be made in cases of extraordinary merit. Please check our submission guidelines for formatting specifications and allow up to 6 weeks for a response.

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P.O. Box 24905
Tempe, AZ 85285
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