Perugia Press

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Genres Published: 
Representative Authors: 
Lisa Allen Ortiz, Jenifer Browne Lawrence, Corrie Williamson, Amanda Auchter, Gail Martin, Ida Stewart, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Melody S. Gee, Diane Gilliam Fisher, Frannie Lindsay.
Book Types: 
Poetry collections
Reading Period: 
Aug 1 to Nov 15
Response Time: 
3 to 6 months
Charges Reading Fee: 
Publishes Through Contests Only: 
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 
Titles per Year: 
1 to 5

Editorial Focus

Perugia Press publishes the best new women poets in the country. Each year we produce one book, the winner of our annual contest. Our mission is to produce beautiful books that interest long-time readers of poetry and welcome those new to poetry.

Tips From the Editor

Please follow our submission guidelines. Feel free to contact us via our website with questions.

Contact Information

Rebecca Olander, Director
P.O. Box 60364
Florence, MA 01062
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