Madville Publishing

Genres Published: 
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Representative Authors: 
Lee Zacharias, Michael Simms, Michael Gills, Jodi Angel, Jeff Hardin, Pauletta Hansel, Gianna Russo, Rita Sims Quillen, Gerry LaFemina, Bob Kunzinger, Sam Pickering, Wondra Chang, Francine Rodriguez, karla k. morton, Rick Campbell, Sue Mell, Susanne Davis, Bruce Overby, Juan Ochoa, Bobby Horecka, JC Reilly, Jianqing Zheng, Randall Watson
Book Types: 
Short story collections, Essay collections, Novel, Memoir, Poetry collections
Paperback, Hardcover, E-book, Audio
Reading Period: 
Jan 1 to Dec 31
Temporarily closed to submissions
Charges Reading Fee: 
Publishes Through Contests Only: 
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 
Titles per Year: 
11 to 20
Ingram, Indiebound

Editorial Focus

The mission of Madville Publishing is to produce, publish, and market literary works of the highest quality that reflect the diversity of the modern English-speaking world. They seek to publish poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by notable and emerging authors who display diversity in ethnicity, gender, age, and worldview, and whose work exhibits the full range of this diversity. Their goal is to discover and showcase works that might otherwise be overlooked, to provide opportunity for voices that might otherwise be unheard.

Tips From the Editor

Our 2024 catalog is full, and we have a backlog. Please don’t query before January 2024.

Start with a basic query. We’ll let you know if we would like to know any more. Our office staff is made up of volunteers, and there is a lot to do. Blind queries go straight in the trash. You do not require an agent, but if you are recommended by someone we know, that gives you a better chance. We won’t read past the first couple of paragraphs, so keep your query brief. Elevator pitch.

Contact Information

Kimberly Davis, Director
P.O. Box 358
Lake Dallas, TX 75065
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Last updated: Feb 26, 2024