Mad Duck Coalition

Genres Published: 
Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Autobiography/Memoir, Commercial Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Cross-genre, Experimental, Historical, Humor, Journalism/Investigative Reporting, Literary Fiction, Narrative Nonfiction, Nature/Environmental, Political, Pop Culture, Religious/Spiritual, Short Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Translation, War, Young Adult
Book Types: 
Novella, Short story collections, Essay collections, Novel, Memoir
Reading Period: 
Jan 1 to Dec 31
Response Time: 
Less than 3 months
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Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 

Editorial Focus

The Mad Duck Coalition publishing house is a haven for the intellectually curious. A flock of brave mad men and women, they are interested in unique ideas, excellent observations, and engaging prose. They place authorial integrity, intellectual rigor, and passionate pursuits above all else. This is the Mad Duck Coalition, where exceptional and pioneering people take flight.

Tips From the Editor

Follow the guidelines and really think hard about the optional essay. Frankly, it is more important than your manuscript at this stage.

Contact Information

Ithaca, NY
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