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01. Moby-Dick

Cozy Classics for Young and Old

Brothers Jack and Holman Wang teamed up in 2012 to create Cozy Classics, an infant primer board-book series that adapts classic novels into twelve simple, child-friendly words that appear alongside photographs of handmade figurines. The brothers create the characters, sets, and props themselves through the painstaking process of needle-felting, a handcraft that involves the shaping of woolen fibers with a barbed needle. Each figure takes between eighteen and twenty-five hours to create. The first two titles—Herman Melville's Moby-Dick and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice—were released this past November by Vancouver-based Simply Read Books; the next release, a cozy take on Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, is forthcoming in April.

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Building Stories 1

The Architecture of Building Stories

Chris Ware's newest graphic novel, Building Stories, published by Pantheon in October, is actually fourteen discreet books, booklets, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets, all contained in printed box. More than ten years in the making, the work imagines the inhabitants of a three-story Chicago apartment building, including the protagonist, a thirtysomething woman who has yet to find someone with whom to spend the rest of her life; a couple who can hardly bear to be in each other’s company; and the elderly landlady who has lived alone for decades.

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Dark Room Collective, 1989

The Dark Room Collective, Then and Now

The Dark Room Collective, a community of black writers founded twenty-five years ago in Boston by poets Thomas Sayers Ellis and Sharan Strange and musician Janice Lowe, regroups this year for the Nothing Personal reunion tour. This slideshow offers a look at the early days of the DRC as well as a glimpse of the poets today.

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Behind the Lines

The Literature of Action

As a companion to "Poetic People Power" by Rebecca Keith, here's a look at classic and contemporary books that investigate social and political themes through poetry and prose. Help us add to this visual library by sending your suggestions to editor@pw.org.

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1. Amman, Jordan

Middle Eastern Rhythms: Report From Literary Jordan

For his article "Middle Eastern Rhythms: Report From Literary Jordan," contributing editor Stephen Morison Jr., who lives in Madaba-Manja, Jordan, spoke with a number of authors and editors in the capital city of Amman during the aftermath of the Arab Spring. What he discovered was a literary community complicated by differing religious, political, and artistic beliefs. From the words of author and editor Basma Al Nsour, who censors herself not because of the government but rather to avoid embarrassing her tribe, to those of poet Nourredin Zuhair, who says he hates America and describes a world of cabals and conspiracies hemming him in from all directions, Morison offers a fascinating firsthand account of a changing country.

Morison has previously reported on the literary communities of Afghanistan, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and North Korea for Poets & Writers Magazine.

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Art History

The Library as Incubator Project

A collection of art, writing, performances, and workshops that have taken place in or been inspired by libraries, as featured in the Library as Incubator Project, a website that connects writers, artists, and libraries from all over the world.

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A Case for an Ampersand

Ampersands in the World

The ampersand has survived from ancient origins to the present day, where its usage is ubiquitous, and stylistically varied. In this slideshow, we train our lenses on the logogram's incarnations in everyday life. You can help add to our exhibit by sending photos of the curious character to ampersand@pw.org.

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Page 127

Moby-Dick in Pictures by Matt Kish

In the graphic adaptation Moby-Dick in Pictures, released by Tin House Books in October, artist Matt Kish presents an illustration for every page of the 552-page classic. These eleven images are from Chapter XXXII: Cetology, in which Herman Melville catalogues species of marine mammals, "the great sperm whale" being ruler of all cetaceans. The captions represent the passages and chapter sections on which Kish based his drawings.

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Art of Correspondence

Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer

During their collaboration on three books in the late sixties, artist and author Edward Gorey exchanged a wealth of missives with writer Peter F. Neumeyer. The letters and accompanying ephemera showcased in the book Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer, edited by Neumeyer and published by Pomegranate in September, reveal the power of creative connections and the boundless artfulness of correspondence.

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Christine Shaffer, Fairfield University

Portraits From MFA Nation

On a hot, sunny day in early July, more than two dozen MFA students and graduates answered our open call to gather in New York City's Central Park for the photo shoot that resulted in the cover of our September/October 2011 issue. After the shoot, we asked each of them what factors went into their decision about where to apply. Here's what twenty-two of them said. (Photos taken by Pieter van Hattem.)

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