Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Museum

Historical Site
(304) 653-4430

The Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Museum preserves the birthplace home of the author Pearl S. Buck and interprets her life from its origins in the Appalachian town of Hillsboro, West Virginia, to her rise to international recognition as a Nobel Prize–winning author. Buck herself established the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace as a monument to her late mother, Carrie. The grounds of the museum include thirteen acres of scenic Appalachian farmland, a period carpentry shop, and a barn with over one hundred historic farm and woodworking tools. Also on site is the log home of Pearl’s father’s family, which was moved from neighboring Greenbrier County.

The birthplace offers tours of the property and house, writers’ workshops, lectures, educational outreach programs, an annual croquet tournament, and fairs and festivals celebrating local heritage. 

8129 Seneca Trail
Hillsboro, WV 24946