Haiku Avenue

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Representative Authors: 
Edward Baranosky, Priscilla Lignori, R. W. Watkins, Shelli Jankowski-Smith, Joshua St. Claire, Alex Lubman, Lynda Zwinger, Jerome Berglund, Robin Tilley, Natasha Gauthier
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Less than 3 months
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No payment
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Less than 1,000

Editorial Focus

Based out of Eastern Canada, Haiku Avenue concentrates on the extremes of the English-language haiku, from the syllabically traditional to the monoku to the “eyeku.” The publishing criterion is first and foremost quality, and the editors are not bound by the dogmas or biases of any so-called societies or organizations. At present time, the editors are also not interested in any analyses or essays, particularly those that subtly seek to support or establish poetic models that allow and encourage adherents to forego basic poetic skills.

Tips From the Editor

Become familiar with the magazine, rise to the challenges of form and concept, and avoid the generic that has become synonymous with so many other haiku journals. In other words, please dazzle us with your brilliance.

Contact Information

Amanda Williams, Coeditor
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