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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Representative Authors: 
Alberto Manguel, Sheila Heti, Evelyn Lau, David Albahari, Connie Kuhns, Daniel Francis, Lynn Coady, Stephen Henighan, the other Norman Mailer.
Online, Digital, Print
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Greater than 6 months
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$25 for 6 issues, $44 for 12 issues
5,000 to 10,000

Editorial Focus

Geist is the Canadian magazine of ideas and culture—every issue brings together a sumptuous mix of fact and fiction, photography and comics, poetry, essays and reviews, and the weird and wonderful from the world of words. The Geist tone is intel­li­gent, plain-talking, inclu­sive, and off­beat. 

Tips From the Editor

Before submitting work, please read several issues of the print magazine, or dig deep into the archives at While you’re at it, why not read (or reread) George Orwell’s pertinent essay “Politics and the English Language”?

Geist is always seeking short (800-1200 words) non-fiction, typically personal narrative, for the Notes & Dispatches section. Please send a few sentences about who you are, what you’d like to write, and why you think it’s a good fit for Geist to with the subject heading DISPITCH.

Contact Information

AnnMarie MacKinnon, Associate Publisher
210-111 West Hastings Street
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