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Genres Published: 
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Translation
Representative Authors: 
Roxane Gay, Dinty W. Moore, David Shields, Natanya Ann Pulley, Robin Black, Sven Birkerts, Chris Offut, Jill Talbott, Ander Monson, Matt Hart, Michael Martone, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Curtis Bauer
Reading Periods: 
Nov 15 to Jan 15
Jul 15 to Sep 15
Temporarily closed to submissions
Response Time: 
3 to 6 months
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Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 
No payment
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Editorial Focus

Defunct is a magazine that celebrates what’s over and what isn’t yet.

“We’re mourning. We’re functioning. Let’s show the world what we want & need through what we’ve lost. Punk’s not dead, punk’s not dead. We’re punk. We’re funky. We can be fancy when we want to. We bring back the dead, salvage the past, reveal obsessions. We’re interested in questioning systems that no longer serve us, and broadcasting voices that have been told they don’t belong.”—the editors

Tips From the Editor

We want to read what you want to write. We want to be shown what’s unique about you. Our mission is to celebrate what works, and discard what is no longer serving us. We want work that thinks about what it’s trying to do for others and for the world. We are excited about pieces that exemplify the spirit of nostalgia and curiosity, and especially pieces that explore our current moment. We are working to destroy the cis-heteronormative white-supremacist ableist patriarchy, and want writing that seeks to do that too. We want more queer submissions! More translations from non-European languages! More genre fiction (science fiction, ecofabulism, fantasy, etc.)! We want more essays! We want more genre-bendy things!

Contact Information

Will McDonald, Managing Editor
1 University Plaza
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