Breakwater Review

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Genres Published: 
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Representative Authors: 
Jill McDonough, Kaveh Akbar, Safia Elhillo, Jodi Angel, Liz Moore
Reading Period: 
Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Less than 3 months
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Editorial Focus

Breakwater Review was founded in 2009 and is run by students of the University of Massachusetts Boston MFA program. It publishes digitally two times a year.

Tips From the Editor

Breakwater Review seeks to promote literature that doesn’t stand still. A Breakwater is “a barrier built out into a body of water to protect a coast or harbor from the force of waves.” But as a literary journal, we’re more interested in the waves than the barrier. We’re interested in publishing writers of all backgrounds and contributing to a literary culture that also doesn’t stand still, a culture of waves crashing against and breaking barriers, making way for new and exciting voices to be heard.

Contact Information

Jonny Lipshin, Editor-in-Chief
University of Massachusetts Boston
English Department, Wheatley Building, Floor:06, Room 00052
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