The Widower

Such a dark, sad soul
still mourning his long-dead wife
as if her death occurred yesterday.
Half-heartedly he picked up his mantle.
Lacking the courage to join her
he continues to hold himself out
as hers only.

His life is just busy work now:
his children, his church, his car and her cat.
Nothing brings him pleasure.
He awakes each morning to meaningless days.
Till death do us part, but he really
didn’t mean it.

Then one day he sees this woman!
Something about her makes him nervous.
He is not sure of her intention
and never knows what to say to her.
She is friendly, but not like the other women
who buzz about him incessantly.

He always knows when she is near,
But waits for her to acknowledge his presence.
She causes him to drop things
or forgets what he is doing.
She has taken to making herself a cup of coffee
and bringing him one too.
He appreciates the calming affect.