A Sestina

Walking across the hill with my dog
in a delightfully, leisurely stroll.
The sun is bright and warm with wild
flowers that flavor the air.
My dog Jerry and I are anxious to reach
our favorite spot at the top of the Falls.

A great place to play is on the falls.
Across the top of the hill with my dog
to Buttermilk Falls is a mile reach.
Two levels below is a creek; a stroll;
keeping us comfortable with a cool moist air,
the water in the Owego Creek is not wild.

Jerry and I enjoy swimming in water that isn’t wild.
Our walk is to continue to the top of the falls
which is our destination in the warm air.
The marsh is where there are smells for my dog.
Our express purpose to see and stroll.
It is a swampy area and difficult to reach.

A pleasure to reach.
The water full of weed and flowers of the wild,
propagating minnows, pollywogs and frogs, safe
from the falls.
Which Jerry dashed among as would any dog.
Warm, moist and fragrant is the air.

This is a quiet place of fresh air
with squishy mud for my toes to reach.
There is water to drink for my dog.
Shoes off I wade amongst the flowers wild.
Jerry runs into the waters above the falls
A happy ending to our stroll.

After the stroll
we need to relax and enjoy the fresh air
and listen to the falls
my hand makes a long reach
for a chicory blossom which is wild.
Time to relax with a sandwich and a bone for the dog.

The falls and marsh were worth the stroll
my dog and I were happy in the fresh air
while I reach for the flowers so wild.