My Wedding Dress

Sy and I had been living together for about a year. Our relationship was good and there were no obstacles. We decided to get married. I chose a day in August when my best friend would be in New York from San Francisco and I wanted her at my wedding.

Sy and I looked at several places and chose a lovely restaurant on East 61Street. There was a covered tent over the garden in the rear where 75-80 people could be comfortable during the ceremony and with the restaurant in front for lunch.

Now for the hardest part. What was I going to were? I began looking for a dress starting in June. I looked everywhere. I tried on dress after dress but noting appealed to me or was appropriate. I looked in all the department stores in New York City and even considered having a dress made up by my dressmaker, Daisy, but I was afraid it would take too much time. I even looked in Westchester where my sister lives.

I decided to return to Lord and Taylor, my favorite store. Time was running out. The date of the wedding was August 21, and here it was July. Invitations had already been mailed. I also knew that I started looking for a dress much too late since summer dresses are selected in May or even earlier.

When I arrived at Lord and Taylor, I picked out several dresses to try on. By this time I was getting panicky and contemplated canceling the wedding! I approached the dressing room and looked for a space to try on my selection. As I located a try-on room, I noticed a dress hanging on the door of a dressing room. Apparently, the lady who tried on this dress didn’t want it. I looked at the dress which was my size. I even liked the color and best of all it was on sale. It fit perfectly and was just the dress I was looking for. It was a two piece silk dress with glistening stones woven into the base of the blouse over lace and with lace on the bottom of the skirt. The skirt was ankle length and the dress was a lovely shade of beige. It had three quarter sleeves and the fabric had a subtle print in it. I loved the dress and quickly paid for it.

Then I ran down to the shoe department and tried on several shoes but had my heart on a pair of sandals that were an exact match to the dress. Sure enough they weren't my size. The salesman told me he could order my size from another Lord and Taylor store and I would surely receive them before the wedding. I took a chance and ordered them. I received the sandals just a week before the wedding after making a million phone calls to check the order. Imagine my anxiety if they didn’t arrive on time!

I was finally all outfitted for the day, but I had a scheme. I had two holes in each ear for pierced earrings and thought it would be fashionable to have diamond studs next to the pearl earrings I also intended to wear with the dress. So, I went to Fortunoff, the 5th Avenue store and picked out a pair of diamond studs with a guarantee that I could return them if I decided that I didn’t want them. I had the guarantee and bought them. Two days after the wedding, I returned the earring to Fortunoff and every time I look at the wedding photo, I’m reminded of this shopping adventure.

The wedding was beautiful and I really looked like a bride. This was my second marriage, but my first wedding!