My Backyard

Behind the Maple Grove Cemetery in Kew Gardens where I live, I enjoy the view from my 10th floor window of the changing seasons.

When it snows heavily, it’s a winter wonderland.  The branches of trees are turned decoratively white and I especially like two evergreens standing close together, like a couple in love. They stand out on a clear day among the leafless trees. In summer the trees in full bloom, a luscious, green panorama, block the view of the headstones.  I then call it my “backyard.”  When autumn arrives the red and orange leaves are breathtaking.  I feel sad when they darken and fall to the ground.

I have binoculars that help me catch the sight of birds that alight on the tree branches.  I have seen blue jays and brown birds that I can’t identify.  There is one that has a red crown.

Two cats wander the landscape from time to time.  One is black and white, the other a plump, mixed-brown; a cat lady leaves a bowl of food for them under a big tree.  During a heavy snowfall, I was surprised to see her without a hat.  Of course, there are always squirrels darting about amongst the branches and chasing each other on the ground.

On occasion, I will see mourners placing flowers at a gravesite.  If I want to extend my sightings further, I can see Kennedy Airport and catch a plane landing.

Little red ladybugs sometimes appear on my windowsill in warm weather. I like looking at them and wonder why they want to come in.