I reach into the back of my closet to take out a tailored navy bule sllk dress with a matching short jacket that is lined with a surprisingly brilliant yellow-green fabric.  This was my mother's dress-up outfit.  She wore it only on special occasions and looked lovely when she did.  I don't know why I kept it, other than it belonged to her.  I never planned to give it away nor wear it myself.  It was hers and so it would remain, a kind of loving keepsake. 

It reminds me of her neatness.  She always made sure the silk stockings were straight and dusted her shoes before leaving the apartment.  She was pretty and energetic up until a month before her ninety fouth birthday when she died. 

I search everywhere but still cannot find the dress.  It is clearly stored in my memory, if not in any closet.  It makes me want to call my mother and tell her how much I miss her!!!