Submit Reports

After your P&W–supported event has occurred, sponsors and writers will need to access our online system to fill out an event report. Your reports help us demonstrate the value of the Readings & Workshops program to funders and help us continue to offer support to writers and organizations hosting literary events.

We love reading your reports! Here are just a few highlights:

"The impact of the grant and P&W support has been tremendous. It has given the Staten Island Creative Community's Spoken Word series a kind of legitimacy and, therefore, stability which might be hard to achieve without it. It has helped attract writers and poets from other boroughs and from as far away as Philadelphia and Santa Fe. Brandon Korosh, who had never read before, said, ‘Here everyone has a voice and everyone matters.’ He said it is good to know Poets & Writers supports this good work.” —Robin Lampman, director of the Staten Island Creative Community

"It meant so much to receive support from P&W. Especially as a writer of color, it felt like a direct action by those in power in the literary/publishing sphere to champion and push for inclusivity and equity because writing by and for people of color is necessary and adds to the breadth and depth of the literary landscape." —Amabel Poblador, writer

Please note: Sponsors will need the same log-in used to apply for the grant. Writers should have received an e-mail with an automatically generated password to access our online system. If necessary, you can reset your password by clicking the SUBMIT REPORT button above, then the "Forgot Password?" link, enter your e-mail, and a temporary password will be e-mailed to you.