Vijay Seshadri

“I first heard of Poets & Writers in 1988. My wife and I had moved to Brooklyn, to a pre-gentrified Carroll Gardens, and had started a storefront reading series in a learning center on Court Street. Someone told us that there was an outfit that provided funds for series such as ours across the country, an organization that nurtured grass-roots literary ventures (the series, as it happens, was called Recrossing Brooklyn Ferry). We applied, we received funds to pay our readers (one of our first readers was Patricia Spears Jones, who recently won Poets & Writers’ Jackson Prize), and that was the beginning of my relationship to one of the most exemplary American institutions. For as long as I’ve been a working writer, I’ve watched Poets & Writers build out our literary world, and create communities of writers from one reading series to another, one outreach program to another, one communication venture to another, all over America. I’m incredibly proud to be associated with an organization of such unfussy integrity and effectiveness, whose work is so essential to our literary and human civilization.”