Title Added
Writing About Your Life: Blogging and Publishing Personal Stories with LESLIE CONTRERAS SCHWARTZ February 16
Brooklyn by the Book presents Paul Auster February 16
Sharon Guskin February 16
Personal Essay and Memoir with MARK DOSTERT February 16
George Held, Pamela Hughes, Claudia Serea, and Anton Yakovlev Sat, March 4 February 16
San Diego Writers/Editors Guild presents Mark Reichenthal February 16
Food Writing with KATHARINE SHILCUTT February 16
San Diego Writers/Editors Guild presents Diane Hinds February 16
Using Object and Memory as Springboards into Inspiration with MARIAN SZCZEPANSKI February 16
Snapshot Memoir Writing February 16
Writers of Color Workshop with Adrienne Perry February 15
Getting Your Inner Editor to Work for You with JULIA RIOS February 15
How to Be Genuinely Funny in Your Writing with ADAM HOLT February 15
Introduction to Writing Flash Fiction with PATRICIA FLAHERTY PAGAN February 15
Tension: How to Build It, Keep It, and Increase It with CASSANDRA CLARKE February 15
Collaboration and Creativity with DR. HOLLY ORDWAY February 15
Writefest Poetry Workshop with Leslie Contreras Schwartz February 15
Writefest Flash Fiction Workshop with KATHY FISH February 15
Writefest Speculative Fiction Workshop with JULIA RIOS February 15
Dana Chase for "In Spite of Heroin" February 15
Writefest Creative Nonfiction/Memoir Workshop with CHELSEY CLAMMER February 15
The Power of Point of View with JOY PREBLE February 15
Introduction to the Writing Life with ELIZABETH WHITE-OLSEN February 15
Never Caught: The Washingtons’ Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge February 15
National Book Award finalist Andrew Krivak, The Signal Flame February 15