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Poet, Spoken Word Artist

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Slam Poetry Bio:

Starting their career as Houston, Texas’ premiere national poet and Grand Slam Champion of 2007, Seth Walker has earned titles in nearly every state in America at this point. 

In November 2007 Seth Walker was Houston’s premiere national poet and had just claimed Grand Slam Champion, he then left Houston to follow his art and travel across the country to find it…

Since then Seth has performed at nearly every major venue in the country including Da Poetry Lounge (Hollywood, CA), The Green Mill (Chicago, IL), & The Nuyorican (New York, NY). Along the way he won several noteworthy titles such as: Slam Champion of the Utah State Arts Fair Poetry Slam (2009), North Beast Indie Slam Champion (North-Eastern Regional 2010), slamming with the 2010 Austin Poetry Slam Team, as well as as slamming with Denver’s Slam NUBA in 2012.

While traveling with rotating national artists, this notorious “road dog” poet traveled 10 to 11 months out of the year, dedicating his art to whomever he meets. In 2012 he took 1st place for Denver’s famous Cafe NUBA at the I.W.P.S. Competition, making Seth Walker their Individual World Poetry Slam Champion for 2012. Seth has been teaching and working with the Beyond Academia Free Skool since its beginning in 2012.

While traveling, Seth worked tirelessly to give back as much as possible to the communities that need it most by:

-Teaching writing & performance workshops for High Schools, Colleges, & Universities
-Enriching young minds with college lectures on social relevance of new forming arts
-Organizing festivals & working with preexisting festivals to promote the underground arts, such as the Salt Lake City Freedom Fest 2011 & Desert Rocks Music Fest 2012
-Supporting & Oganizing rallies, fundraisers & events for Not-for-Profit organizations, churches, community groups, and legitimate activist organizations for various social & political causes
-Teaming up with national organizations like planned parenthood to promoting noble causes like free HIV testing & safe sex education
-Performing in support of social justice causes such as: drug rehabilitation facilities, free aid for domestic abuse victims (with charities such as H.A.W.C. (Houston Area Women’s Center))

“Neobeat slam poet Seth Walker’s words were a perfect counterpoint to the message at hand. With lyrics that celebrated triumph of the spirit over the degradation of life circumstances, Walker engaged the audience and, hopefully, galvanized them to take up the cause even after the show was over,” wrote Melonie Magruder in The Malibu Times in Malibu, Calif.

“Floating above the seas of disposable ideas and so-called “news” presented by supposed “Fair and Balanced” hucksters, Seth Walker brings it real, raw and unrelentingly. His spoken word is emotional but not over-wrought; to the point but not simplistic. Seth Walker is a walkabout version of the evening news. In a world of false messengers, Seth is the real thing.”
Kenn Rodriguez | National Poetry Slam Champion

Publications & Prizes

Destination 1111 (Art prize festival event) (2013)
Green Mill Poetry Slam (the birthplace of "poetry slam") (2013)
Bar 13 (2011)
GreenWay Court Theater (2011)
Mercury Cafe (2011)
Milly's Tavern (2011)
Nuyorican Poetry Cafe (2011)
SLC Freedom Fest - Main State Artist (2011)
Verso Quatro - Spoken word performance & panel discussion (2011)
Cantab Lounge (2010)
The Fringe (2010)
Utah State Arts Festival (2010)
Prizes won: 

Short Bio:

Seth Walker (aka Seth Walker Poetry) is the longest continually touring slam poet in America after touring the country for 5 years running.  He also produced and released the 1st 360 HD Poem on film in 2015.  He has been published in countless projects, magazines, and newspapers spanning 2007 to this day.   

In 2012 Seth won Denver Nuba's Individual world poetry slam competition and gained the honor of representing Denver internationally; winning one of the final 4 spots on Denver's behalf.  

Seth still regulary teaches poetry, performance, comedy, and can occasionally be seen around Colorado hosting variety shows and performing comedy & poetry.  


Press Bio:

Seth Walker is a poet, playwright, songwriter, and musician from the United States. He was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana and raised in Texas. His upbringing in the southern United States is reflected in his work, which often explores themes of love, loss, and the human experience.

Walker's poetry is known for its raw emotion and its ability to capture the beauty and complexity of everyday life. His work often incorporates elements of nature, and he has been praised for his ability to use the natural world as a metaphor for emotionally esoteric complexities and the reality of the human situation.

In addition to his poetry, Walker is also a talented musician and songwriter. His music often incorporates elements of blues, folk, and country, and his lyrics are known for their poetic sensibility.

Professionally, Walker has opened for Damian Marley & The Wailers, Beats Antique, and countless other international acts while working for festivals such as Desert Rocks, Electric Zoo, and Austin Art Outside Fest.  With 4 published books and countless released music and spoken word album projects, Walker became an FAA certified drone pilot and started a production company to support other artists' music and video visions.    

Overall, Seth Walker's poetry and career is a testament to the power of the arts and language to evoke deep emotions and connect people to one another. His work is a reminder that even in the midst of pain and hardship, there is still beauty and meaning to be found in the world.

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Favorite authors: 
Kahlil Gibran, Laozi, Manly P. Hall, Thich Nhat Hanh

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Baton Rouge, LA
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Houston, TX
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