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Hi! My name is Natalie Nascenzi and I’m a poet, author, and copywriter currently based in Manhattan. I’m originally from Rhode Island but I moved to New York City in 2017 to pursue a career in creative advertising. After I moved and began my job, I started my weight loss journey; losing over 85 pounds in less than 8 months. My new life brought many blessings, but they came with unforeseen consequences. Stress, anxiety, depression, and loss of self followed suit. My journey with mental health was difficult, but with faith and persistence, I was able to heal. I found myself again through poetry–using it to express my emotions, understand my mind, and gain new perspective.

Words are already a beautiful music but when used to express one’s emotions, they become a powerful symphony.

Through my own poetic expression, I wanted to be able to connect with others who were facing their own battle of the mind. I knew I could use the power of words and metaphors to define emotions that are not easily expressed, and use my own pen and pain to deliver the message: You are never alone. Once I decided to pursue poetry, I started performing all over New York City at open mics and began the process of publishing my first collection, Out of Chaos. This first book is where my journey with my readers begins. As Out of Chaos made its way into the hands of those who needed it, I continued to share my writing with a single mission: to inspire positive transformation and spread hope, one person at a time.

Living in New York City during the pandemic brought on an entirely new challenge, both mentally and creatively. This part of my poetic journey continued with my readers into my second collection/novella, The Aftermath of Unrest. Along the way, my poems have been individually featured across the world in anthologies and independent publications. I dove into the world of poetry and performance, as the poetic host of HXS Colorblind and the poetic MC of Asia Initiatives International Virtual Gala. After three years of beautiful opportunities and wonderful connections, the story of my poetic quest came to a beautiful close in my last book, Isle of Skye.

Publications & Prizes

Isle of Skye (ii Publishing, 2021)
Out Of Chaos (ii Publishing, 2020)
The Aftermath of Unrest (ii Publishing, 2020)
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Additonal Publications:

"Morning Coffee" - Train River Anthology: Winter 2020

"Asphalt Skies" - 86 Logic: Issue 2

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Sylvia Plath Carlo Rovelli
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Reality Is Not What It Seems by Carlo Rovelli

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