Nancy Shiffrin

Poet, Fiction Writer, Creative Nonfiction Writer

1112 Montana Avenue Apt 636
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Author's Bio

Nancy Shiffrin is the author of 3 collections of poetry: The Vast Unknowing, Infinity Publishing 2012, Game With Variations and Flight accepted by

Nancy Shiffrin earned an MA in English from International College, 1977,  studying with Anais Nin, a PhD in English at the Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio 1994 studying Jewish American Women authors.

Nancy's novel Out of the Garden is  available on  It is accompanied by an essay, Invoking Anais Nin, which describes Nancy's experience working with Nin in the last class Nin offered in Los Angeles before she died.

Nancy's Union Institute dissertation The Everchanging and The Everlasting: One Jewish Awakening in the Culture of Multi-Culturalism is listed with University of Michigan.

Nancy is engaged in collecting works produced over many years of  publishing. These include:  My Jewish Name (essays), Allison's War (novel), Prose on Poets and Poetry (essays, articles, reviews), Toward's Wholeness (essays, articles, reviews).

All of these are available from Nancy Shiffrin as pdf files.

Her credits include the Los Angeles Times, Human Behavior, Shofar, New York Magazine, Humanistic Judaism, Lummox Journal,, and numerous other periodicals.

Nancy's teaching experience includes composition, literature and creative writing.  Through Creative Writing Services she helps aspiring writers achieve publication and personal satisfaction.

Publications & Prizes


Out of the Garden/Invoking Anais Nin (, 2016)


The Vast Unknowing (Infinity Publishing, 2012)
Prizes won: 
  • Academy of American Poets
  • Poetry Society of America
  • Alice Jackson Foundation
  • Dora Teitelboim Foundation
  • Lummox Journal
  • London Poetry Festival
  • New York Poetry Festival
  • Lummox Journal

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
Thomas Page author of 4 science based novels, Anais Nin novelist and teacher, Muriel Rukeyser poet and teacher, Rumi poet and spiritual guide, Thomas Merton poet and spiritual guide
What I'm reading now: 
Jews and Words by Fania and Amos Oz, Spirit by Thomas Page, The Dark Before Dawn by Thomas Merton, The Novel of the Future by Anais Nin

More Information

Gives readings: 
Travels for readings: 
Identifies as: 
American, Feminist, Jewish
Prefers to work with: 
Fluent in: 
Born in: 
Brooklyn, NY
New York
Raised in: 
Queens NY and Los Angeles, CA
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