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Michael Jacobson is a writer, artist, publisher, and independent curator from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA/Turtle Island. His books include an abstract illuminated manuscript titled id est: neo scribalist asemic expressionism (Post-Asemic Press), a collection of futuristic hieroglyphics ZIPPOGLYPHS (PAP), a prose poetry novella Somnolent Game (PAP), his collected asemic writing Works & Interviews (PAP), his autobiographical collection of senryu poems Hei Kuu (PAP), and his EP of sound/noise poetry Schizo Variations (PAP via Bandcamp). He is also co-editor of An Anthology Of Asemic Handwriting (Punctum Books). In 2019, he was written up in the book Asemic: The Art of Writing (University of Minnesota Press) by Peter Schwenger; it has an entire chapter dedicated to Jacobson’s calligraphic work. In 2013, he was published in The Last Vispo Anthology (Fantagraphics). 2017 was a pivotal year for Michael because he founded  Post-Asemic Press. PAP publishes asemic writing, visual poetry, experimental poetry, and audio recordings of sound poetry via Bandcamp.

Besides writing and publishing books, Michael curates a gallery for asemic writing called The New Post-Literate. In 2017, he guest curated the Minnesota Center for Book Arts exhibit: Asemic Writing: Offline & In The Gallery. Other countries where he has curated exhibits of asemic writing include Mexico, Spain, and Malta. Currently, he operates Future Script Gallery, which is an online commercial gallery for asemic writing and visual poetry. In his spare time, he curates a cyberspace gallery of planets dubbed THAT: A Plan(et).

Michael’s online interviews are at Poemeleon, SampleKanon, Asymptote Journal, Twenty Four Hours, David Alan Binder, GAS, Utsanga, Schizoaffective, and at Medium. In the past, he created the cover art for Rain Taxi’s 2014 winter issue. Michael also sits on the editorial board of the online magazine  SCRIPTjr.nl. In 2010, he founded, and still administers, the asemic writing Facebook group.

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Publications & Prizes

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (punctum books, 2013)
The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008 (Fantagraphics, 2012)
id est: neo scribalist asemic expressionism (Post-Asemic Press, 2023)
ZIPPOGLYPHS (Post-Asemic Press, 2023)
Somnolent Game (Post-Asemic Press, 2022)
Hei Kuu (Post-Asemic Press, 2020)
Works & Interviews (Post-Asemic Press, 2018)
The Giant's Fence (UBU Editions, 2006)

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kenneth Patchen, Bob Kaufman, Brion Gysin, Max Ernst, Jack Kerouac, Mirtha Dermisache, Milton, Timothy Ely, Hemingway, Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Henri Michaux, Sherman Alexie, James Joyce, Tim Gaze, Rosaire Appel, Henry Rollins, Marco Giovenale, Xu Bing, Alain Satié, mIEKAL aND, Amiri Baraka, Nuno De Matos, Tony O’neill, Douglas Adams, Spencer Selby, Lana Del Rey, Jean-Christophe Giacottino, Marzi Margo, Boccaccio, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Andre Breton, Eckhard Gerdes, Charles Baudelaire, Christopher Skinner, Jefferson Hansen, Terrence Folz, Arthur Rimbaud, Gary Shipley, Satu Kaikkonen, Luigi Serafini, John M. Bennett, SAMO©, José Parlá, Dakota Warren, Nico Vassilakis, Michael J. Seidlinger, Morgan Taubert, Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, JD Nelson, Tom Phillips, Geof Huth, John M Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Mark Lanegan, SJ Fowler, Jerome Rothenberg, Scott Helmes, Cecil Touchon, Scott Macleod, Michael Betancourt, Kafka, Ai, Jim Morrison, Paul Westerberg, Bob Dylan, Dessa, Dave Pirner, Nico Vassilakis, William Blake, Rumi, Samuel Beckett, E.E. Cummings, William Carlos Williams, Kristine Snodgrass, Sam Roxas-Chua, Kenneth Goldsmith, Richard Kostelanetz, Derek Beaulieu, Matt Wall, Isidore Isou, Shakespeare, the Creator, Nature, and all the asemic writers/visual poets.
What I'm reading now: 
Shanty Town by Grzegorz Wroblewski, Possible Gardens by Jaap Blonk, in ghostly onehead by J.D. Nelson, l'nguajamm'r by Mike Di Tommaso, Typo Poem by Michael Betancourt

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Born in: 
Sioux Falls, SD
South Dakota
Raised in: 
Minneapolis, MN
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