Igor Goldkind

Poet, Spoken Word Artist

4636 Iroquois Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117

Author's Bio

Igor Goldkind is an author, poet, and independent scholar. At the age of 14, Igor served as a volunteer Science Fiction Coordinator for the now wildly popular San Diego Comic-Con. It was in this capacity that he met Ray Bradbury, whom he asked for advice about becoming a writer. Through Comic-Con, Igor also befriended Theodor Sturgeon and Harlan Ellison, two of his major influences. He worked in the British comic publishing industry and is best known for having coined the Graphic Novel genre as a global publishing genre. In 2016, his award-winning multimedia novel published by Chameleon Publishing Is She Available? broke ground in combining Poetry, Comics, Jazz, and Animation setting a new bar in electronic publishing. He continued to blend poetry with art in his new work Take a Deep Breath – Living With Uncertainty, is an illustrated collection of essays, poetry, and short stories confronting the pandemic in personal terms.
Igor writes and lives in Del Mar, California but misses the UK.



The Chicago Tribune described Is She Available?  as "an experiment, and reading it feels more like an act of discovery...nonetheless there's a thrill to scrolling through its pages. It's an ambitious step toward what digital media can (and will) be.”

“This is a beautiful book!” — Neil Gaiman  

In a different life Igor used to create and write characters for British Comics like 2000AD including the 4 series The Clown:“Goldkind portrays the Clown as an “existential Mr. Magoo [...] more fixated on his ideas about reality than reality itself” and credits The Sorrows of Young Werther as an inspiration for the series’s satirical, solipsistic "metaphysical slapstick". – Wikipedia [1]


Literary agent: 
Chameleon Publishing

Publications & Prizes


Cadence Collective
San Diego Free Press
San Diego Poetry Annual

Spoken Word

San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art (2018)
Hotel Lafayette Arts Festival (2017)
San Diego Art Institute (2017)
Stand Up Tragedy (2017)
Walk N Roll: An Evening of Neighborhood Storytelling (2017)
The Beat Roots (2016)
Prizes won: 

Oxford Poetry Journal

San Diego Free Press Poetry Month Poet

San Diego Public Library Poet of the month, September, 2018

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
Durante degli Alighieri Giodarno Bruno Cervantes Raymond Carver Paul Auster Franz Kafka Neil Gaiman (but only his serious stuff) Milan Kundera Homer Antonin Artaud Samuel Beckett Raymond Carver Neal Cassidy Milan Kundera
What I'm reading now: 
Is She Available? by Igor Goldkind, Take a Deep Breath by Igor Goldkind, Ideas by Edmund Husserl, Being and Time by Martin Heidegger

More Information

Gives readings: 
Travels for readings: 
Identifies as: 
European American, Hispanic, Jewish
Prefers to work with: 
Immigration, Mental Health, Teenagers
Fluent in: 
English, French, Spanish
Born in: 
Lansing, Michigan, MI
Raised in: 
San Diego, CA
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