Candice Louisa Daquin


Author's Bio

Candice Louisa Daquin is of Mizrahi/Sephardi Egyptian and French descent. Born in Europe, Daquin was the Publishing Director at the U.S., Embassy / Chamber of Commerce (UK) before immigrating to America to study and become a Psychotherapist, where she has continued writing and editing whilst practicing as a Psychotherapist.

Daquin has worked at Jewish Community Centers and Rape Crisis Centers both in the UK, Texas and Canada. Her area of specialization is adults sexually abused as children. She is also co-founder of, a site for LGBTQ+ youth. Prior to publishing her own poetry collections, Daquin regularly wrote for the poetry periodicals Rattle and SoFloPoJoThe Northern Poetry Review.

Daquin is Senior Editor at Indie Blu(e) Publishing, a feminist micro-press and Editorial Partner with Raw Earth Ink. She is an editor for Tint Journal (Austria), Writer-in-Residence for Borderless Journal (Singapore), Editor of Poetry & Art for The Pine Cone Review (Austria & India), Poetry Editor for Parcham Literary Magazine (India) and freelancer for poetry and prose. She has also edited over 20 PhD manuscripts. Daquin has been guest-editor for SETU twice. Her work has been featured in over 200 publications. 

Daquin's own poetic work takes its form from the confessional women poets of the 19th and 20th century as well as queer authors writing from the 1950's onward. Her career(s) teaching critical thinking and practicing as a psychotherapist have heavily influenced her work, with explored key themes including; sexual-abuse, parental-relationships, mental illness and queer-identity.

As a queer woman of mixed ethnicity and passionate feminist beliefs concerning equality, Daquin's poetry is her body of evidence. 

Recent Poetry in Anthologies: 

Aquality: tales from the depths, Ed. Geetha Nair & Vineetha Mekkoth, TDW Press

Heartstrings: A Tapestry of Prose & Poetry, Ed. Sanjula Sharma, Authors Press 

Manushatvam Songs of Humanity: We Rise by Lifting Others, Ed. Dr. Roopali Sircar Gaur & Prasanna Kkumar,  Authors Press

Angst: Of Belonging and Not Belonging, Anita Joseph, Dr. Roopali Sicar Gaur, TDW Publishing 

He She, and It, the Grammar of Marriage, River Group Book

Faery Flying: The art of self care, Fae Corps Publishing

Silent Tears of a Woman, (Margie Watts)

Dear You: Poems through the heart, Red Penguin Collection

Soul Spaces: Poems on cities, towns and villages, Authors Press

Sunflowers: Ukrainian Poetry on war, resistance, hope and peace (Ed. Kalpna Singh Chitnis) (River Paw Press)

Kaleidoscope Anthology of international poets, Ed. Dr. Laksmisree Banerjee, International Publishing Center

LGBTQ Anthology 'Out Loud,' Read or Green Books

Zoo Anthology (Ed. Steve Carr) Sweety Cat Press

Writers Speak (Vol 1) (Ed. Sagar Kumar Sharma) 

Body Of Memories: A Collection of Memoirs & Personal Essays (Ed. Lopamudra Banerjee)

Lilith - INNSÆI: International Journal of Creative Literature for Peace and Humanity

The Brown Critique “Home” Anthology, The Brown Critique

Oxygen: Parables of Pandemic, River Paw Press

Cuckoo In Crisis: 25 Women Poets, Akhand Publishing House

Boundless 2021: The anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival

Paws Healing the Earth, River Paw Press

Overcoming Fear: Based on true events, Wingless Dreamer

The Poets Symphony: Verses, Melodies and Lyrical Poems, Raw Earth Ink

Texas Best Emerging Poets, Z Publishing House

Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XXIV) Beauty for Ashes (TLV)

All the Lonely People, Free Verse Revolution

America's Emerging Poets 2018: West Region, Z Publishing House

Recent Editor/Co-Editor of:  

Within Flesh: Poems in conversations with our selves and Emily Dickinson, Al Salehi & Ivy Schweitzer, (Transcendent Zero Press)

The 2023 Northwind Treasury, Winners of the Northwind Writing Award, Tara Caribou (Raw Earth Ink)

Little Skeletons, Emje McCarty (Raw Earth Ink)

Darker Objects: Christine Ray & Friends (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Sunder the Silence, Trisha Leigh Shufelt (Ophelia's Pen Press)

Reflections of a Thought, Gadier Hein Garcia (Raw Earth Ink)

Fairy of Disenchantment, Sun Hesper Jansen (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Pulse, Melissa Fadul (Raw Earth Ink)

Meticulous, Daniel White (DB Wright Publishing) 

The Comment Poems: Encounters with contagious poets, Robert G. Wertzler (Raw Earth Ink) 

Love Letters to Ukraine by Uyava, Kalpna Singh Chitnis (River Paw Press)

The Scars We Don't See: Micro-fiction Observations, Cassa Bassa (Raw Earth Ink)

Full Throated Stirrings: Poems written in the Millennium, Dr. Archana Bahadur Zutshi

Recipe for Ladyfinger Pickle, Kamayani Vashischt

Mannequin of our Times, Vandana Kumar (World Inkers Publishing)

The Woman with 3 Elbows, Rachael Ikins (Raw Earth Ink)

We Are Not Okay: Elegy for a Broken America, Christian Livermore (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Hospital Poems, Nancy Dunlop (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Red: Poetry & Prose, Mira Hadlow (BlackBird Press)

Hungry for Ghosts, Kristin Kory (Blackbird Press)

Wicker Basket Mind, D. W. Wright (DB Wright Publishing)

The New Condemned: Contemporary Albanian Poetry in English (Ed. Dustin Pickering) (World Inkers Publishing)

The Gift of Mercy, Annette Kalandros (Raw Earth Ink)

Dirty Words, Sarah Lilius (Indie Blu(e) Publishing) 

SETU International (Guest Editor August 2022 'Colors of Equality' issue) (SETU Publishing)

Girl on a Swing, D. B. Wright (Blackbird Press)

Relative Traumas, Nadia Garofalo (self-published chapbook)

Four: Poetry & Art, Tara Caribou, (Raw Earth Ink)

But You Don’t Look Sick: The Real Life Adventures of Fibro Bitches, Lupus Warriors and other Super Heroes Battling Invisible Illness (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

The Killing Holiday, Kindra Austin (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Some Words Never Sleep, Zinia Mitra, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Through The Looking Glass: Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within / Indian Women's Voices, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Crimson Skins, Devika Mathur, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing) 

Season of the Sorceress, Melody Lee (Indie Blu(e) Publishing) 

Flowers on the Wall, Kristiana Reed, (self-published poetry collection)

SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like: Poetry by Women for Women, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing)

Luminarium, Maria Gianna Iannucci (self-published poetry collection) 

The Myths of Girlhood, Christine Ray (Indie Blu(e) Publishing 

Dead's Haven (Olivia & Hale Book 3) Nicolas Gagnier 

Arc Light, John Biscello (Indie Blu(e) Publishing) 

We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art, (Indie Blu(e) Publishing) 

Recent Events: 

Poetry as a means of healing and transformation in times of trauma and war, LIVE AWP writers 2023, with Kalpna Singh Chitnis, Volodymyr Tymchuk, Octavio Quintanilla and Олена О'Лір

Own Poetry Collections:

A Jar for the Jarring (South Texas Press / republished by Palpitate Press)

The Bright Day Has Gone Child and You Are in for the Dark (chapbook - out of print)

Pinch the Lock (Finishing Line Press)

Tainted by the Same Counterfeit (Finishing Line Press)


The Cruelty: A novel (pending)

Publications & Prizes

But You Don't Look Sick: The Real Life Adventures of Fibro Bitches, Lupus Warriors, and Other Superheroes Battling Invisible Illness (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2021)
The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2021)
As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2020)
Through The Looking Glass: Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2020)
SMITTEN: This is What Love Looks Like (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2019)
We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2018)
Tainted by the Same Counterfeit (Finishing Line Press, 2022)
Pinch the Lock (Finishing Line Press, 2017)
Prizes won: 

Co-Judge. The NorthWind Writing Award (Sponsored by Raw Earth Ink) 2023.

Finalist / National Indie Excellence Awards / Lead Editor/ Conceptual on SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like (LGBTQ+ anthology of poetry.

Finalist / National Indie Excellence Awards / Co-Editor with Megha Sood, on THE KALI PROJECT (Indian women poetry anthology).

Featured Guest Speaker, National Poetry Month, (San Antonio), 2010.

Finalist, Anne-Marie Albiach Award for poetry, (France), 2005.

Finalist, Adult Ekphrastic Poetry, Gemini Ink, San Antonio, 2004.

Brick Lane Bookshop (UK) Short Story Prize, 1999. 

Musee Fragonard Poetry Prize (France), 1998.

Finalist, Le Printemps des Poètes, (France), 1995.

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
Audre Lorde, Françoise Sagan, Angela Carter, activist Egyptian physician Nawal El Saadawi, Navdanya seed bank creator/campaigner Vandana Shiva, Pablo Neruda, Golda Mier, Toni Morrison and feminist philosophers bell hooks, Hélène Cixous and Luce Irigaray.

More Information

Prefers to work with: 
Adults, Illness/Wellness, Immigration, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Seniors, Veterans, Women
Fluent in: 
English, French
Born in: 
Grasse, A06
Alpes-Maritimes (06)
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