Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

Natalie Goldberg
Published in 2016
by Shambhala Publications

In Writing Down the Bones, painter and writing instructor Natalie Goldberg gives clear, accessible writing advice that approaches the art of writing as spiritual practice. First published in 1986, this thirtieth anniversary edition includes a preface and interview with the author. Goldberg offers guidance and advice throughout the book with short, easy-to-read chapters covering many aspects of the writer’s craft: writing from “first thoughts,” listening deeply, using verbs, overcoming doubts, and even the best places to write. “It is my sincere wish that…students learn how to do writing practice, that they come to know themselves, feel joy in expression, trust what they think. Once you connect with your mind, you are who you are and you’re free,” writes Goldberg.