VQR and McSweeney's Among Finalists for Coveted National Magazine Awards


The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) recently announced the finalists for the 2006 National Magazine Awards, which honor both print and online magazines for "superior execution of stated editorial objectives, innovative editorial techniques, noteworthy journalistic enterprise, and imagination and vigor in layout and design."

Over 1,500 entries were submitted in twenty-two categories by 356 publications. Finalists were chosen by a panel of 215 judges. The winners will be announced on May 9.

The following are the finalists for the fiction award, which honors the quality of a publication's literary selections:

Atlantic Monthly for "A Record Book for Small Farmers" by Anna North, which appeared in the January/February issue; "Bullheads" by Michael Lohre (April); and "One of Our Whales is Missing" by Christopher Buckley (September).

McSweeney's for "I Understand" by Roddy Doyle (January), "Mudder Tongue" by Brian Evenson (June), and "Somoza's Dream" by Daniel Orozco (November).

Virginia Quarterly Review received two nominations. The first was for "Peacekeeper" by Alan Heathock, "Smother" by Joyce Carol Oates, and "Ina Grove" by R.T. Smith, all of which appeared in the magazine's Fall issue. The second was for "So Help Me God" by Joyce Cacrol Oates (Winter), "The Guggenheim Lovers" by Isabele Allende (Summer), and "The Ghosts We Love" by Brock Clarke (Summer).

Zoetrope: All-Story for "Blessing" by Charles D'Ambrosio, "Today I'm Yours" by Mary Gaitskill, and "High Lonesome" by Joyce Carol Oates, all of which appeared in the magazine's Winter issue.

For the full list of finalists in each category, including Essays and Reviews and Criticism, visit the ASME Web site.