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“Always tucked in a pocket of my purse is a Moleskine journal. I try to write every day, no matter what, and I’ve pulled that Moleskine out while waiting for my kids—doctor’s appointments, soccer practices, piano lessons. In my Moleskine, I allow myself the freedom to write anything. No matter the inanity—it has my full permission to go down uncensored. I doodle. I make lists. I describe the waiting rooms, piano lessons, parents in the stands. And if I lose my Moleskine, my name and phone number are displayed, with a reward offered of one billion dollars.”
Victoria Patterson, author of This Vacant Paradise (Counterpoint, 2011)


Missing my Moleskine

Hi Victoria!

I too carry (or carried) a little Moleskine. Sadly, last week at my son's talent show, I left it in the gymnasium. No one has returned it to me, in spite of my name being in it and yeah, a billion $ reward. I'm a bit shell shocked. It contained about a year's worth of notes on my novel...of course they were all perfect and poignant and the EXACT thing I needed to write the next blockbuster.

So, note to self: Transcribe my Moleskine notes into a word file periodically so that the only thing I have to worry about is computer crashes and Dropbox dying.

Signed, "Shattered in Seattle"

Moleskine Obsession

Love the reminder, Victoria. Thanks. Glad to know that I'm not the only one. ;) I too love the Moleskine possibilies. In fact, I just found a lovely Moleskine cover. I have one for my Kindle.

It's pricey, but worth the money, 'cause it will last a lifetime. Just hope that I continue to get a lot of wear out of it.


Wish I had read your

Wish I had read your suggestion about the billion dollar reward before I lost one....
It was like losing a piece of my soul.

SmartPen Moleskine

I have the Moleskine scribble habit from way back, too. I love my new SmartPen. I still write in a Moleskine journal (it has special paper for the Smart Pen), but now my handwriting gets translated to text. From there, I can revise or post to my blog. Ain't technology wonderful?!

Thanks Victoria

This sounds like a wonderful idea....I'm going to try it !
I'm a poet and always have words...ideas swirling around in my head.


Always keep a Moleskin and comfortable pen in my shirt pocket. Also name, address and phone in book with offer of reward if found (though not a billion dollars). Love the pocket in the back for clips that inspire new poems.
Tried many things and this is the best.

I hate to be the one to

I hate to be the one to burst the ludite bubble, but I converted from Moleskine to smartphone and haven't looked back. There are applications I use to take and save notes, create and edit Word documents, and keep them all safely stored online so I never "lose" any of it.

multiple notebooks

Haven't saved up enough for a smartphone yet. So I have multiple notebooks. One in my regular backpack, one in my easy-on-your-back backpack, and one in my purse. Oh, and one that stays at home. I've already got a big box full of these things, each full of my observations for a year or 3 of my life. So when I'm 84 and have time on my hands, I should have plenty of material.

I'm not a complete Luddite, tho. I'm negotiating a contract on my 2nd book (nonfiction), and I keep a 2nd back-up out there in the ether. Wouldn't want to lose my latest revisions of *Pursued by Conscience: Former Fugitive Katherine Ann Power* in a fire, flood, burglary, hurricane, tornado, tsunami!


My magnificent Moleskines have become an appendage. I have written complete one-act plays in them when I'm away from my computer. They somehow lead to free-form thinking and creativity for me. I'm always amazed at how much they hold in the way of ideas and thoughts...thoughts that would have been lost had I not jotted them down.

Love Moleskine + Covers

Hi Victoria,

Like yourself, I also love Moleskine. I take mine with me everywhere I go and don't know what I would do without it!

Lately, I have gotten very into accessories with the purchase of a brand new leather moleskine cover form Molecover ( ).

I have followed these guys 2 years on Twitter, and finally pulled the trigger and bought one of their Moleskine covers. It's natural bound leather adds quite a bit of class and it protect my Moleskine. I love it, and have no regrets in my purchase!

I love my Moleskine. Before

I love my Moleskine. Before my Moleskine era, I never finished a whole journal. Now, I am working on my third Moleskine journal! I am glad to have come upon this wonder of a journal and I hope to continue buying them for the rest of my life.