Veronica Golos


What describes all my years with Poets & Writers as a poet, curator, and teacher? Support, belonging, pride, fun, friendship, colleagues, dinners, fundraisings, the excitement of receiving, the grace of giving, funds used for poets, writers, curators, teachers, bringing words out, helping them secure a place, the grand meetings, an organization run by writers and poets, national, the magazine a refuge, a font of information and inquiry, fun, a kick.

That is to say, for all my years now as a poet, curator, and teacher, it's meant so much to have received the support—not only monetary, but in the forms of concern, inclusion, and participation. I've also made friendships, shared experiences, and been offered opportunity. Examples: Poets & Writers funded a workshop on memoir I taught to European Holocaust survivors, another workshop to seniors at a center in my own neighborhood, and I was recognized at the annual fundraising dinner. Thank you, Poets & Writers.

Veronia Golos, poet and teacher funded by P&W's Readings/Workshops program