Vermont Inn Invites Jane Austen Enthusiasts to Slip Back in Time


A Vermont inn recently announced that it will host a series of four themed weekends aimed at giving Jane Austen aficionados a taste of the author's nineteenth-century lifestyle. The Governor's House in Hyde Park, a mansion built in the Georgian style popular during the Regency period in which Austen wrote, will offer tea parties, carriage rides, fly fishing, and other historical pastimes, as well as discussions focused on Austen's final novel, Persuasion. The getaways will take place in August, September, December, and January.

"I'm hoping each weekend will be a mix of young people who might know only the movies and are ready to discover the original prose," innkeeper Suzanne Boden said in a statement, "and readers who consider Jane an old friend and can't wait to argue the merits of the new interpretations over breakfast."

The Governor's House plans to continue the Austen weekends in the future, with next year's novel centerpiece being Pride and Prejudice. For more information, visit the inn's Web site.