Transcontinental Poetry Reading Celebrates Kenneth Koch

by Staff

On April 19, eleven poets in four different U.S. time zones will contribute to a transcontinental poetry reading dedicated to the late Kenneth Koch. The 90-minute event will be streamed live on the Internet using videoconferencing technology. Viewers will be able to watch the poets as they read from seven different locations across the country.

The featured poets include David Antin, reading from the University of California in San Diego; Andrei Codrescu from Louisiana State University; Maria Damon from the University of Minnesota; Kenward Elmslie, Lisa Jarnot, and Ron Padgett from Columbia University; Roxanne Hamilton from the University of California in Santa Cruz; Anselm Hollo and Anne Waldman from Naropa University; Forrest Gander from Brown University; and Keith Taylor from the University of Michigan.

The first half of the program will feature a round robin reading of the twenty stanzas of "Twenty Poems" from Koch's book Days & Nights (Random House, 1982). The participating poets will read from their own work for the second half of the program.

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