Shane Jones Recommends...


"Listen to rap music. There's a certain level of surprise, bright color, loudness, and just plain fun in artists like DOOM (who I mostly listen to, and used to get me going on my last book) that can bleed into your writing in interesting and creative ways. I also think rap culture can be inspiring. I have the word DOLLAS written on a pink piece of paper above my desk to remind me to keep working."
Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes (Penguin, 2010)


When I fell a bit of writers

When I fell a bit of writers block creeping on, I turn to music as well. Nothing like listening to some Jim Steinman music for inspiration to cure my block, whether it is poetry, or essays. I escape to some other place in my mind and it eases me into what ever it is I am writing about. Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman always do the trick for me.