September/October 2000

September/October 2000

Our cover story is an investigative poem profiling poet Frank Lima, whose fourth collection, The Beatitudes, explores the writer's personal relationship with his religion.

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The Resurrection of Frank Lima: An Investigative Poem

by Bob Holman
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A profile of Frank Lima in verse.

How Writers Stay the Course

Meeting the Mind: When to Silence the Inner Critic

by Natalie Goldberg
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Meditation can open the writer's mind.

Paying Attention: Kids Can Show the Way

by Elizabeth Kostova
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What writers can learn from their children.

Aging Well: Why Older Is Better

by Robert Phillips
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Aging can be an advantage, not a handicap.

News and Trends

Fence Parlays Lit Mag Into Books

by Mary Gannon
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Fence magazine founder Rebecca Wolff launches Fence Books.

Lexicon 2000

by Kevin Larimer
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A look at contemporary lexicography, or how dictionaries are updated every year.

E-mail Drive Saves Poetry Northwest

by Beth Ann Fennelly
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MFA students prevent Poetry Northwest's closure through an e-mail campaign involving major writers.

Stanley Kunitz Accepts Poet Laureate Post

by Kevin Larimer
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Ninety-five-year-old writer Stanley Kunitz succeeds Robert Pinsky as U.S. poet laureate.

ABA's Best-seller List Gains Ground

by Mike Batistick
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Several of the nation's midrange newspapers have plans to drop more prestigious best-seller lists in favor of the American Booksellers Association's Book Sense list.

The Practical Writer

Research and the Fiction Writer: Perils, Pleasures, and Pitfalls

by Catherine Wald
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Authors offer tips for the literary researcher.

Publicity Primer: The Basics Every Writer Should Know

by Stanley E. Ely
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How books are promoted in the current publishing market.

The Literary Life

The Art of Reading Lorrie Moore: Keeping Our Wit About Us

by Michelle Brockway
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How Lorrie Moore incorporates humor into her work.

Metromania: The Days of Future Past

by Michael Scharf
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Goverments of social-democratic countries such as Canada, France, Germany, and Austria have a history of supporting the arts in order to build national brand identity.