September/October 1998

Fifteen women writers from around the world share much more than gender. They share a writer's greatest attribute: clarity of vision.


A Writer's Counsel: How to Publish and Not Lose Your Shirt

by Alan J. Kaufman
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Kaufman explains terms used in publishing contracts.


by Bill Roorbach
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The secret to getting published is simple: good writing.

The World Wide Web: Publishing's Awakening Giant

by Robert Kendall
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Is the future of creative writing on the line?

International Sisterhood and the Mother Tongue

Doña Aida, With Your Permission

by Julia Alvarez
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Julia Alvarez.

Pidgin Politics and Paradise Revised: Lois-Ann Yamanaka

by Renee H. Shea
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Lois-Ann Yamanaka, profile, interview

Exile Among Exiles: Christina García

by Joseph M. Viera
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Christina Garcia, profile, interview

Native in a Strange Land: Wanda Coleman

by Carol Schwalberg
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Wanda Coleman, profile, interview

Home Truth: Ingrid De Kok

by Susan Rich
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Ingrid De Kok, profile, interview

Ancient Traditions in a New World: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Ginu Kamani

by Catherine Wald
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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, profile, interview

The Liberation of Language: Nahid Rachlin

by Ramin P. Jaleshgari
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Nahid Rachlin.

English as a Foreign Language: Nina Cassian

by James Waller
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Driving Amerigo: Liliana Ursu

by Gigi Marino
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Liliana Ursu, profile, interview

Remembering the Past, Securing the Future: Jewish Women Writers in America

by Jill Krementz
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A photo-essay collage of Jewish women writers.

News and Trends

New NEA Chair Sets His Agenda

by Staff
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William J. Ivey is sworn into office.

Kalliope Celebrates 20 Years

by Joseph Hayes
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A look at Kalliope's history.

Dorothy Allison Establishes Award

by Mary Gannon
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Dorothy Allison establishes the Independent Spirit Award.