September/October 1993

Sharon Olds, the popular author of searing family poems talks about loyalty, betrayal, and the fellowship of poets.


Requiem for Richard Yates

by Seymour Lawrence
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Yates' s editor and friend remembers one of the masters of American realism.

Dalkey Archive Press

by Lynda Rutledge Stephenson
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John O'Brien couldn't find the experimental books he loved, so he started his own press to publish the works of avant-garde writers.

Give That Unsolicited Manuscript a Chance

by Gerald Haslam
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Don't bias editors against your work before they've read it. A few simple steps increase the odds that a manuscript will be published.

An Interview With Sharon Olds

by Laurel Blossom
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Sharon Olds, the popular author of searing family poems talks about loyalty, betrayal, and the fellowships of poets.

This Writers Group Found Its Place—and Bought It

by Bernie Lee
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Jean Auel and four other authors founded the Oregon Writers Colony in 1981 in a log cabin overlooking the Pacific.

An Interview with Stephen Dixon

by Sono Motoyama
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Stephen Dixon, the eccentric author of hundreds of supercharged stories and five novels is a curse to some agents and publishers and a blessing to adventurous readers.

Notes of an Anthologist

by Larry Dark
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The editor of The Literary Lover explains the process of compiling an anthology, from contacting authors to writing the introduction.

News and Trends

$20,000 to AWP to Establish Creative Writing Programs at Black Colleges

by Arden Dale
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The literature program of the National Endowment for the Arts has awarded twenty thousand dollars to the Associated Writing Programs at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, as part of an effort to help establish creative writing programs at...

Licensing Requirements for Poetry Readings Defeated

by Marcia Biederman
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Chicago poets successfully battled city officials who had closed down poetry readings, claiming the events required entertainment licenses.

Best-Selling Author Funds Writing Program at Ole Miss

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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Best-selling novelist John Grisham and his wife, Renee, established a fund at the University of Mississippi Oxford to "encourage future students to explore writing as a profession."

National Writer's Voice Receives $325,000 From the Bingham Foundation

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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The William Bingham Foundation announces a three-year grant to the National Writer's Voice project to help support an expansion of its workshops program.