September/October 1991

Amy Tan, the workaholic turned best-selling author, discusses her crossover from business writing to fiction writing.


Hungry Mind Review

by Kathleen Norris
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A Minnesota-based publication gives worthy books the attention they deserve and promotes Midwestern writers as well.

Loyalty Oaths: To Sign or Not To Sign

by Lynn Sharon Schwartz and David Romtvedt
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"Bureaucratic garbage" and "dismissable formality" or a real affront to personal and professional integrity? Confronted with signing for university teaching positions, two writers reflect on their different choices and prove there are no empty words...

Getting Poetry Off the Page: The Third Dodge Poetry Festival

by Robert Kendall
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"An unlikely little kingdom where poetry rules over all," the PBS-featured annual marathon inspires hope for the future of poetry in America.

Amy Tan: An Interview

by Barbara Somogyi and David Stanton
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The workaholic turned best-selling author discusses her crossover from business writing to fiction writing.

News and Trends

Anchor Books Announces Black Voices, Black Heritage Publishing Program

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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Anchor Books announces publishing program that focuses on many facets of black culture.

Poets in Person: Thirteen Shows Airing on NPR

by Tracy Marx
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Joseph Parisi, editor of Poetry magazine hosts an NPR series on contemporary American poets.

Marketing and Development for Literary Publishers

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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The Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund establishes a new marketing and development program for literary publishers.