September/October 1990

From New Hampshire to Texas, poet and rider Maxine Kumin chronicles her reading tour.


Cummington Community of the Arts

by David Unger
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A visit to the nation's only art colony that accepts artists and their children.

Ink Mathematics: An Introduction to Language Poetry

by Joel Lewis
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With its emphasis on linguistic theory, this movement is challenging established notions of poetry.

Have Saddle, Will Travel

by Maxine Kumin
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Poet and rider Maxine Kumin chronicles her reading tour.

The Contest Racket

by Neal Bowers
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More and more poetry book publishers are turning to open competitions, but at what cost?

Winning a Writing Contest...and How It Changed My Life

by Susan Lowell
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One writer tells her fiction contest success story.

An Interview With David Ignatow

by Matthew Cariello
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Author of eighteen books of poetry and prose, and winner of the Bollingen Prize for poetry, Ignatow wants to "help create a society where we can communicate with each other on a basis other than self-interest."

News and Trends

Contract Changes Sought by NWU

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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The National Writers Union proposes changes to the standard book contract.

Story Magazine Is Revived

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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Richard Rosenthal, owner of F+W publications, revives a venue for the short story.

More NEA Arts Strings

by Staff
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Developments to obscenity legislation affecting the National Endowment for the Arts.

Turner Offers Tomorrow Awards

by Jim Andrews
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A five-hundred-thousand-dollar prize is being given by Ted Turner, the broadcast mogul known for his dedication to social and environmental issues, for a book "set in the near future" and touching on the theme of prosperity on earth.