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Proving there really is no wrong way to use Poets & Writers Magazine, as long as it’s in the service of writers, reader Leslie Lindsay (@leslielindsay1) shared an Instagram Story showcasing the creative way she engages with past issues of the magazine. Pictured are pages from the September/October 2022 edition spread out on the floor, surrounded by workout equipment, because as Lindsay points out, “Writing is mental and physical.”

Feedback from a reader
I am responding to your November/December 2022 issue, which makes it clear that many publishers are only accepting submissions via Submittable or other online submission platforms. To me this is a form of rejection for both the writer and their writing. I am a baby boomer who is dismayed and confused by technology. I am old-school. I cannot change. Also, I have learned that people who are incarcerated do not have access to the internet and therefore likely cannot use online submission platforms. If we cannot continue to submit our work via postal mail, many creative people like myself may miss a chance at that important first acceptance, a moment of great joy. So I hope that we will not be denied the chance to send our best to the publishers who seek to read our work, allowing all writers a choice to submit via post or via Submittable, giving the writer greater flexibility.
Jane Frame
Barto, Pennsylvania

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Because of incorrect information provided by the sponsoring organization, the deadline for Narrative’s Fall Story Contest was incorrectly stated in Deadlines (November/December 2022). It was November 18. For the same reason, Narrative’s 30 Below Contest was included in Deadlines, but that contest was not held.