Poetry and Jazz

Terrance Hayes, who on Wednesday took home the National Book Award in poetry for his latest collection, Lighthead (Penguin), read one of his poems at the Jazz Poetry Concert in Pittsburgh.


Terrance Hayes video origin

The reading took place at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh's 4th annual Jazz Poetry Concert. It was part of a commissioned work, scored by composer-jazz musician Oliver Lake, called "What is Home?"

Jazz Poetry

There's a very different take on jazz poetry by the British singer/poet Ruthie Culver and her Utter:Jazz Collective. The music isn't prepared.... instead the musicians improvise in response to the poems. The results are impressive. You can hear some at www.ruthieculver.com here

Terrance Hayes poetic prose

Just plain cool.

When I write my little poems, I turn on some music and read along. It can get kind of interesting.