November/December 2000

November/December 2000

Our cover story is an interview with Yusef Komunyakaa, whose ninth collection of poems, Talking Dirty to the Gods, marks a return to the poet's formal origins.

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Yusef Komunyakaa: Blue Note in a Lyrical Landscape

by Fran Gordon
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A profile of poet Yusef Komunyakaa.

Madison Smartt Bell: Seeing in Black and White

by Amy Weintraub
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A profile of Madison Smartt Bell.

Reflections on Responsibility

The Divine Ventriloquist

by Julia Older
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The essence of poetry and how to reconcile it with the marketplace.

Electric Poetics

by Chard deNiord
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Poetry as memorable language with an electric charge.

Warning, Witness, Presence

by Eavan Boland
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A poet's responsibility is to advance not just the art, but the conditions in which the art occurs.

Private Freedom, Public Life

by David Greenberg
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On poet Ken Saro-Wiwa.

News and Trends

Translator Unveils Vietnamese Poet

by Claire Sykes
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John Balaban translates celebrated Vietnamese poet Hồ Xuân Hu'o'ng.

HarperCollins Teams with NPS

by Kevin Larimer
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HarperCollins signs on as a new publisher for the National Poetry Series.

Poets Nominate Century's Best

by Kevin Larimer
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The Best American Poetry series guest editors weigh in on the finest poets of the twentieth century.

Class Action Suits Help Protect Writers' Rights

by Tom McInerny
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Freelance writers score some noteworthy victories in the copyright arena.

The Practical Writer

Creative Composting: Zen and the Art of Rejection

by Sally Bellerose
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A novelist discusses how she deals with rejection.

Beyond the Page: John Tranter Tailors Jacket for the Web

by Courtney Williamson
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John Tranter and his poetry e-zine, Jacket.

The Intentional Reader: A Writer's Annual Reading Plan

by Bob Hostetler
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Ideas for creating a roster of books to read during the year.

The Literary Life

The Most Hated Man in American Poetry: Why Writers Loathe William Logan

by Allan M. Jalon
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A profile of critic William Logan.

Metromania: Poetry, Academy, Anarchy

by Juliana Spahr
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Poetry's visibility in America.