November/December 1989

Our cover story is a conversation with Alicia Ostriker on her experiences with poetry readings since the 1950s.


Writers in Paradise

by David A. Kaufelt
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Key West: home to pirates, ghosts, pools filled with gin, and some of our literary giants.

Readings: An Interview With Alicia Ostriker

by Katharyn Machen Aal
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Poet to poet—what it's like to give poetry readings. The fourth article in a series on giving and organizing readings.

City Lights Bookstore

by Will Nixon
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Bookstore and publishing house, City Lights has made a successful transition from 1958 to 1989.

Mexico: A Country of Illiterates and Literature

by Amy Schildhouse
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A U.S. writer now living in Mexico interviewed six writers there.

Of Marriage and Infidelity: The Poet Writing a Novel

by Michael Blumenthal
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A poet finds that writing a novel requires a "steadiness, a kind of endurance" that writing a poem does not.

News and Trends

Acid-Free Paper a Must for All Books

by Staff
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Barbara Goldsmith's testimony before Congress that seventy-seven million research volumes are deteriorating.