November/December 1988

Photographer Nancy Crampton, whose portrait of Truman Capote appears on our cover, finds that the best photography, like the best writing, happens through a process of discovery.


Nicaragua: Poetry and War

by Todd Jailer
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Nicaragua is "the land of the poets" and home to the annual Ruben Dario Poetry Festival.

The Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance

by Staff
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With ongoing cultural exchange, the Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance works to promote peace and understanding between the United States and Nicaragua.

Separate Canadian Rights

by Janet Turnbull Irving
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Getting a Canadian publisher will bring you more sales in a large, literate market.

Writing With Light: Nancy Crampton

by Allen Barnett
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Nancy Crampton compares the process of discovery in photography to that of writing poetry or fiction. The third in a series on photographers that work with authors as subjects.

Righting the Scales of Success

by Judith Appelbaum
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If you get your work published and read, you have plenty to be proud of, and no one can evaluate your success better than you.

St. John's Names Two to Poets' Corner

by David Sacks
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Henry James and Henry David Thoreau are honored in the American Poets' Corner.

Compared to What? On Writing and the Writer's Life

by Thomas Farber
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Excerpts from a mosaic of nonfiction stories and meditations.

News and Trends

B. Dalton Minimum Cuts Out Small Presses

by David Sacks
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Dalton no longer buys from publishers whose annual sales amount to less than a hundred thousand dollars.

Peregrine Smith Annual Poetry Series and Contest

by David Sacks
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Peregrine Smith Books launches a contemporary poetry series.

Graywolf's Latin American Publishing Series

by Ann Keniston
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A new book series, Palabra Sur (Words From the South), will bring Latin American literature in translation to the United States.